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Stress Mechanism - The Resurrection of Stress Theory - A new era of health, productivity, longevity and prosperity is now at hand. Most diseases and plagues will be prevented, controlled or eliminated. Future generations will likely recall our time as a dark age filled with ignorance and fear, much as we regard an earlier time when anesthesia, antibiotics and vaccines were unknown and leeches were used to treat disease.

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  • tiffany - it works!

    this product definitely made my hair grow. it wasn't lightning quick or anything, but it did help a lot especially since my hair is broken and damaged. my only complaint was that it sort of dried out my hair but what can you expect from horse shampoo! lol if you run out of conditioner I hope you have hats because without it your hair gets brittle and gross! overall good product tho.

  • Dallas Lauchner - From QB to husband and father

    Steve young takes us through the years of his football career. Little did we know that there was much more going on than the football highlights that were so evident. Wrestling with anxiety, growing spiritually, and searching for the right woman to marry. All things that other people do, but being a great football player seems to have made them all more torturous, or at least more difficult. Once again we see it is hard to live a normal life in the spotlight. Maybe we can count the benefits of privacy and being out of the public eye along with our salaries, sick leave and health insurance benefits and be grateful for our inconspicuous lives.

  • indiestar - Painless and Effective!

    I've tried bleaching, threading and waxing and ever since using the Olay hair remover, I've never looked back. It's completed painless and works perfectly for the upper lip area. For "sideburns" and other slightly darker/coarser hair, I use the Olay for "medium to coarse" hair and it works great as well. I have extremely sensitive skin that typically reacts to facial products but have had no issues with Olay. I've been using this product for three years and wouldn't change a thing.

  • Momof4 - It Works!!

    My teens (all 3) have been using these vitamins for almost 6 months. We have been able to see a visible change in the skin of all 3 of them. Very thankful for this natural way of addressing an issue that can be very embarrassing for teens.

  • robert L. wilson - ordered for scar tissue in heart

    I had my pacemaker/defibulator replace in Oct 2012. Many problems for next 4 month. Doctors wanted me to go in and have scar tissue manually removed on March 1st. 2013.. I ordered this product and 2 weeks later i had my pacemaker checked and no more episodes ????? claim was that electricity was firing and creating fast heart rate due to the scar tissue. So far I am very pleased.

  • C Mathews - It seems good, but most of today's GARMIN or other navigational ...

    I plan on taking this on a cross country trip in a couple weeks. I will update this review if it's more of a help than I anticipate. It seems good, but most of today's GARMIN or other navigational systems will also give you this same info. My husband chided me for ordering it, but we will see if it's worth the purchase price over the course of this trip.