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  • http://www.statistics.com/degrees/ Statistics.com - Degrees and College Credit - The Institute for Statistics Education at Statistics.com is the leading provider of online courses in statistics and data science, offering over 100 courses in introductory and advanced topics in analytics, programming and statistics. Students from around the world study with leading authorities via private discussion boards on flexible schedules. Teaching assistants provide individual feedback on practical exercises. The Institute offers CEU's, records of course completion, and certificate programs in advanced statistical study.
  • http://www.statistics.com/landing-page/data-science/ Statistics.com - Data Science Courses and Certificates - Data science is often used to define a (new) profession whose practitioners are capable in many or all the above areas; one often sees the term data scientist in job postings. While statistician typically implies familiarity with research methods and the collection of data for studies, data scientist implies the ability to work with large volumes of data generated not by studies, but by ongoing organizational processes. Data analytics and analytics, by contrast, are general terms used to describe the field and a comprehensive collection of associated methods.
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-john-elder Statistics.com - Dr. John Elder - Dr. John Elder, online data mining instructor at statistics.com. Founder of Elder Research, Inc.. Applies advanced analytics to text mining, stock selection, image recognition, process optimization, biometrics, drug efficacy, and fraud detection
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-huybert-groenendaal Statistics.com - Dr. Huybert Groenendaal - Dr. Huybert Groenendaal, online risk analysis instructor at Statistics.com. Managing Partner at EpiX Analytics. Consults on forecasting, risk modeling, project costs estimation, pharmaco-economics, epidemiology, and inventory optimization.
  • http://www.statistics.com/mrs-meena-badade Statistics.com - Mrs. Meena Badade - Meena Babade, Metric Consultancy, online instructor at Statistics.com. Expert in statistical techniques for consulting and data processing
  • http://www.statistics.com/ben-baumer Statistics.com - Dr. Ben Baumer - Dr. Ben Baumer is the Director of the Statistical & Data Sciences Program at Smith College
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-william-m-bolstad Statistics.com - Dr. William M. Bolstad - William Bolstad, online Bayesian statistics instructor at Statistics.com and University of Waikato, New Zealand, author of Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, 2nd Edition
  • http://www.statistics.com/mr-peter-bruce Statistics.com - Mr. Peter Bruce - Peter Bruce, President of Statistics.com. Developer or Resampling Stats software and instructor, Co-author, Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • http://www.statistics.com/prof-chris-brunsdon Statistics.com - Prof. Chris Brunsdon - Chris Brunsdon is currently Professor of Geocomputation, and Director of the National Centre for Geocomputation, at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-din-chen Statistics.com - Prof. Din Chen - Din Chen, online instructor at Statistics.com. Professor at the University of Rochester School of Nursing, and Vice President of the JDJK Consulting Group. Co-author, Clinical Trial Methodology, Clinical Trial Data Analysis Using R
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-peter-congdon Statistics.com - Dr. Peter Congdon - Dr. Peter Congdon, online Bayesian statistics instructor at statistics.com. Research Professor in Quantitative Geography and Health Statistics at Queen Mary University of London. Author of Applied Bayesian Hierarchical Methods, Bayesian Statistical Modeling, Bayesian Models for Categorical Data
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-paul-eilers Statistics.com - Dr. Paul Eilers - Dr. Paul Eilers, online instructor at statistics.com. Professor of Genetical Statistics at the Erasmus University Medical Center.
  • http://www.statistics.com/dr-michelle-everson Statistics.com - Dr. Michelle Everson - Dr. Michelle Everson, online instructor at statistics.com. Senior Lecturer at Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and Editor of the Journal of Statistical Education.
  • http://www.statistics.com/mr-tal-galili Statistics.com - Mr. Tal Galili - Mr. Tal Galili, online instructor at statistics.com. Lecturer for statistics courses at Tel Aviv University while working on his PhD in statistics there. Also writes the blog R-Statistics, which is a collection basket for his ongoing exploration of R, Statistics, data, WordPress, blogging and open-source.

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