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Travel Agency | - Climate of Tibet: 1. How's the climate in Tibet? Is it hot in summer? Is it very cold in winter? Tibet is in a high plateau, and it belongs to typical

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  • E. Thompson - Actually does what it says it does!

    Usually, exfoliating products just scrape dead skin off, but this product gently removes it without leaving your skin red and irritated. I like that it's a gel and it's easy to apply, and contrary to some other reviews, you don't need to use a lot. You just apply a very thin layer and rub until your exfoliated skin comes off in little balls. I'm really impressed with this product - it's great for people with oily skin and blackhead problems. I know this sounds like a canned endorsement, but I'm just a regular 30-something gal with troublesome skin.

  • Harrison Reich - No Mac Version!

    I think that it is completely ridiculous that there is a mac version of all other turbotax software except this one. Do they really think that small business partnerships don't use macs? You would think that since 2013 is in the title of the software they would realize what year it is and know that a smaller business (one that would have a use for turbo tax) is probably one that uses Mac.

  • Emmiejaye - Dyson, Shmyson

    I've had a Dyson for the past 7 years, and was very happy with it, until my new dog chewed up the power cord. I was going to replace it with another Dyson, but the Shark caught my eye. It has a smaller footprint, which means I can get in between furniture that I was not able to before. It also has a better filtration system, which is important to both myself and my husband who suffer from allergies. I bought it, figuring I could return it if the performance was considerably worse than what I was used to with my Dyson. After I spent about 5 minutes assembling it, I started to clean up the worst place in my house - the dog area. WHOA! This vacuum is powerful! I was amazed at the quantity of dog hair and sand it pulled out of my carpet. The Shark exceeded my expectations, and outperformed what I thought was one of the best vacuums in the market. And, at a fraction of the price. It's a win-win for me!

  • Anessa - The strap fits comfortably and helps keep my mouth closed at night

    This product shipped and arrived quickly. The strap fits comfortably and helps keep my mouth closed at night. It is taking some getting used to because I normally don't wear things on my face but it doesn't hurt or feel constricting at all. It has been keeping me from snoring which has been helping me sleep better. I was sent this product for free.

  • Romney Pattison - Easy to setup, basically the same QB it has always been.

    The multiple user mode setup with a server it extremely easy, the server software will actually find the networked computers running QB and do the mapping for you. Product wise, well its QB, the new GUI is uglier than previous ones (we updated from 2010) but everything seems to work and the typical QB bugs are still there (default addresses not properly saving) For the $400 it costs you won't get a more powerful small business accounting system. We dont use any of the additional Intuit based services they try to sell you within the program so I cant comment on thosee.