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  • M. Mooha - I would recommend this product

    This worked really well on my front door which is painted metal. It is hard not get any streaks at all, but the overall look is MUCH improved over what it was. I would recommend this product. Beats painting!

  • Amazon Customer - Not necessarily for beginners, but fun for everyone else

    Fun guitar game. If you are a beginner player, like me, then it is only a little useful. It will help you play some simple melodies, but doesn't teach you what you really need to know to advance. You'll probably need something like Yousician or a proper teacher for the basics.

  • Amazon Customer - Did the trick! Regular smoker (approx. 2/3 Times ...

    Did the trick! Regular smoker (approx. 2/3 Times daily), I stopped regular use a week ahead of test but took a few sporadic puffs thru that week. About 5 hrs before test I drank 48 oz. H2O, then drank Mega exactly 1 1/2 hrs before test. Urinated immediately after finishing drink, refilled bottle and waited 15m, then drank that. Didn't even have time to get a stomachache before I raced to pee again, but this time diarrhea came too. #1/2 one more time around 1 hr after finishing the water filled bottle, 4th urination was for supervised test (no #2 that time, T.G.) but I passed! I've taken this before for same test and it's worked every time. 130lb. female, 5'5"

  • Corinne Apostle - Smells nice but doesn't cut the stink!

    I have one problem cat (maybe 2) who avoid(s) the litter boxes and goes on the hallway runner or bedroom carpeting instead. I depended on Urine Off to remove the odor, but found the applications to be mere bandaids, adding a fresh scent but by no means neutralizing the urine odor... disappointed to say the least (especially considering the price!)

  • Tanya McKennee - helpful

    bought this for our home that is infested w/ yellow jackets. was helpful but they are still around. may need more applications

  • aisha - Lots of new growth

    Then item itself is good. I dont like taking pills and these are not hard to swollow didn't care for the smell so much. In the 60 days i used the product i had a lot of new growth but stopped using because of the minor headaches but that is because of the lack of water i typically cosume. Would recommend to others. Hair grew about 1 in in the 60 days.

  • jetrancher - Bestop cover

    This product is fantastic, it's not bulky at all. Has nice sleek low profile, looks incredible on the truck, very easy to install, simple to use on/ off or partially folded when hauling materials. Thank you Bestop for making this affordable and easy to use. Thank you amazon for making purchases pleasant. I highly recommend this product.