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  • C. C. Simpson - Incredible Results

    Our daughter had Molloscum Contagium and a severe reaction to a prescribed cream that was recommended by the dermatologist. Emuaid had an almost instantaneous positive effect. Her skin has healed remarkably well and has made a believer out of our family! Thank you soo much!

  • Doc Reo - Best Valve Oil ever

    Best Valve Oil ever. Been using it for at least since the 80's. Will always default to it. When ever and where ever I need to get it. Thanks.

  • Jenny Yen - works great and highly recommend if you have sensitive gums

    Works very well!! I have sensitive gums so I don't use whitening strips. In a couple of days, I already notice a difference. Keep using it consecutively for effective results. It does get everywhere (mini spots of black) esp with an electric toothbrush (easier with handheld toothbrush). Don't wear white when using this and roll up your sleeves. Overall, works great and highly recommend if you have sensitive gums.

  • Molly Hesse - BITTER, but it does WORK

    First off, don't put this in water. Unless you happen to like the bitterness of fake sugar and a weird minutely fruity tang to your water. Then full steam ahead for you. I tried it in soda and the taste was well masked. I tried it in 450ml of apple juice and it made me juice a little bitter. I'm not sure if the reduction in calories is worth the suffering of my tastebuds. It also absolutely takes longer than a ten second stir to get all the caffeine out of the straw. I let mine soak for a good couple of minutes and then stir for a good couple more before it looks like the straw is empty.

  • wine guy - Suffocate

    I seem to be the only person that does not like their Marmot Precip jacket. The upsides are that it is waterproof and very compact, but the jacket does not breathe at all. The few times that I have worn it I feel very "sticky" inside it, even with the pit zips open. Having my arms sweat even in low temperatures while wearing this jacket is pretty miserable. So I placed this jacket as an emergency rain coat in the trunk of my car...