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  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/about/ Help Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's | Smart Brain Aging - Strengthen your brain with clinically tested exercises that help prevent the onset and progression of dementia.
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/find-a-clinic-near-you/ Find A Clinic Near You | Smart Brain Aging - Please call 855-BSMART-0 to make an appointment at one of the SMART Memory Program clinic locations below: FIND A CLINIC
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/healthy-brain-aging-series-part-1-exercise/ Healthy Brain Aging Series: Exercise | Smart Brain Aging - Today, we kick off our series, Healthy Brain Aging, to arm you with the knowledge and actionable steps to help keep your brain healthy as you age.
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/benefits-and-limitations-the-use-of-medications-in-dementia/ Role of Medications in Dementia | Smart Brain Aging - Dementia, and its leading type, Alzheimer’s disease, are very scary and difficult topics because our mind is our most valuable resource. It is frightening
  • http://www.smartbrainaging.com/i-wish-id-seen-this-video-a-long-time-ago-it-really-helps-to-understand-whats-going-on/ I wish I’d seen this video a long time ago. It really helps to understand what’s going on. | Smart Brain Aging - This simple, straightforward animated video explains Alzheimer's disease in lucid, easy-to-follow terms.  

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  • Terry Bledsoe - Lucas stop leak worked

    Worked perfect have a small block chevy had a pesky drip out of rear main seal nothing horrific just a small drip three days of driving gone no leak never believed in theses quick fixes but it worked thanks did not want to pull motor

  • Brad Johnston - Warning: past perfect errors

    There are past perfect errors in this text. The past perfect is an important tense and if you want to speak and write English correctly, you will need to know what it is and how to use it. These authors do not know what it is and how to use it. McGraw-Hill doesn't either. If you don't believe me, ask anyone involved with this publication to define the past perfect and to illustrate it. The unwillingness of all these people to get it right is disgraceful.

  • Retired Navy - A Great Ride

    This bike replaced a 13yo TREK 6500 and I couldn't be happier. The 2012 version of this bike has a few upgrades over the 2011 model most notably, 3x10 gearing and an improved fork/shock. While I had a $1431 budget (moving company payout for crushing my old bike), I decide I didn't need that much bike for the kind of riding I do. This is an XC bike, and that's the kind of riding I will using it for. I live in coastal SC. Forest trails, swampy areas, and the occasional downed tree. I appreciate the lock out front fork for the frequent transitions from asphalt, trails, open forest,and back.

  • Julia Brown - Run Don't Walk to order or pick one up!

    First off, we have had issues getting high speed internet service to our home for years (we live in the country) and switched back and forth trying to find an internet provider that worked. We finally received stable service at about 25 Mbps +. We consistently received the 25 when wired connection but WiFi was a different story. We are overloaded with devices: 3 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 4 smartphones, 3 game systems, you get the idea! Speeds when connected on WiFi would range from 10-15 Mbs to less than 1 and would buffer and stall depending on your location in the house. Everyone in my family was frustrated, I tried fancy routers, extenders, Powerline adapters with limited success.

  • Mrs. D - worked for me

    great product. we used this as an adapter to the BOB jogging stroller when baby was younger to attach her car seat to it. the product works great.

  • Amazon Customer - Aesthetically Pleasing and Great Customer Service

    The Stubby looks great on the FJ Cruiser, definitely a more modern and aggressive look. If you're looking for easy mods for your FJ this is a great start. I ran into some issues with installation and reception, but CravenSpeed was quick to respond to my email inquiry (within hours) and help me troubleshoot to find the issue and correct it. They stand behind their product and go the extra mile to make sure that their customers are satisfied and that the product is working as it should be. I was very impressed by the customer service and personal attention to solving my problem. I highly recommend this product and company.

  • Jordan Finnigan - What does nothing smell like?

    This shampoo was ordered for our daughter who has very sensitive skin (rubbing her cheek on the carpet will give her a rash). This shampoo works to keep her clean without irritating her skin. It's worth noting that the fragrant version of this product was used previously with no issues; We just wanted to try this one.