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Tree Specialists | Sonoma Marin Arborists - Licensed Tree Service & Landscaping Contractor - Professional tree and landscape experts offering sustainable services for trees, plants, earth.

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  • Whitney Falba - Godsend of a carrier!

    This is a fantastic little pet carrier. My in-laws are currently dealing with a plethora of extra stray cats that they've been working on not only trap-and-fixing, but getting homes, as there are some kittens young enough to go to homes. The large trap and release cages are difficult to handle with the transportation of kittens - not only are they scared (obviously) but sometimes they're too small to actually stay in said cages - and can hurt themselves.

  • cantbebroken - I AM A NEW PERSON BECAUSE OF CB-1!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm here to talk about CB-1 weight gain pills, and I can say from experience that these pills do what they're advertised to do. I was able to gain 22 pounds of muscle in the first 4 months of taking the product. I was a little skeptical from the start too, but I gave them a chance and I got out what I put in. To this day I am still putting on more pounds of muscle. Here is the link to my review and my before and after pictures. Just copy and paste this to your address bar. I highly recommend this product to anyone who really wants to gain weight. CB-1 has changed my life and it can do the same for you. Thank You.

  • paul - Not bad. You just dont only use spray.

    You can't just spray and think they're going to die. Remove everything out of each room and spray the entire house for 3-4 weeks until bugs are gone. Vacuum, steam, and spray pillows and beds and cover with bed bugs cases. Don't bring anything back into the house until you go 2 weeks without seeing one. Then wash and dry ALL clothing before you bring them in the house.

  • Theresa A Duncan - Guinness World Records 2012 - yearly fav

    The book is a great gift for my son each year. He enjoys reading the records and the photos throughout are good. It's a yearly gift!

  • James B. - Great Series

    I usually have zero tolerance for legal dramas. But this one proved to be an unexpected pleasure. And a lot of that had to do with the writers' intelligent choices. The deeply flawed hero didn't suddenly become a paragon of virtue. Evil bastards stayed true to form. Vulnerable people were hurt or lost. And those who were far too brittle got utterly shattered. And there's no Hollywood redemption. Instead there was the painful growth and learning that comes from surviving from one day to the next while doing the right thing. Or there were the dead ends and set backs that come from repeating mistakes based on a combination of character flaws and poor self-perception. And the tension where those points intersect.

  • debi - Amazing tools

    I made the mistake of trying this without steaming my face first, don't be like me, please steam your face with a warm washcloth before you use these. They work amazingly when you're doing it correctly. I have a massive blackhead problem with my nose. Always have. After steaming my face I went to work on my nose. My blackheads slid out very easily. After using it a couple days my face is almost completely cleared from those little jerks, and my pores are significantly smaller than before. I'm definitely feeling more confident too. There are many different styles of extraction tools in this kit, which makes it much easier to remove the blemishes from my face. I've been having issues with massive pimples in my cheek area, and using these tools makes it a breeze to get pop them without really damaging my skin. I love this little kit, it is definitely a great addition to my beauty bag.

  • Aerychi - Not worth it

    With all of the good reviews, I figured this would be the only guidebook we would need for our 1 week vacation/honeymoon to Japan. Keep in mind that we don't speak Japanese and we have no idea as to were the good restaurants/entertainment are. We only went to Tokyo and Kyoto and this book has huge sections on both, however it seems more like an ad book than anything else because each recommendation has a sentence or two about what you can find there and the address. I guess I was expecting more photos with mentions of only THE BEST places to go to. It seems that this book has way too many places to visit and they aren't really relevant or interesting.