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Sherborne House Arts | Contemporary Visual Arts | Arts Programmes in Dorset - Sherborne House Arts develop and curate a visual arts programme of contemporary exhibitions and projects around Dorset and in Sherborne House.

  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/sherborne-house/ Sherborne House, Dorset | Sherborne House Arts - Sherborne House, Dorset, has a Tudor wing but the principal building dates from 1720. The chief glory is the mural in the hall painted by Sir James Thornhill.
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/sherborne-house/vision/ Sherborne House - The Vision | Sherborne House Arts - Outlines the plans to transform Sherborne House, Sherborne, Dorset into a centre for the creative arts.
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/sherborne-house/making-it-happen/ Making it Happen | Sherborne House Arts - How Sherborne House Arts trust is working hard to make the visions for Sherborne House a reality.
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/proposed-timeline/ Proposed timeline for renovation of Sherborne House | Sherborne House Arts - The key milestones in the project to renovate Sherborne House in Sherborne, Dorset. It is hoped the House will be open by late 2016.
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/sherborne-house-arts/ Sherborne House Arts (SHA), Dorset | Sherborne House Trust | Sherborne House Arts - SHA develop and curate the visual arts programme at Sherborne House in Dorset, and are currently working in non-gallery spaces.
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/sherborne-house-arts/dame-elisabeth-frink/ Dame Elisabeth Frink | Sherborne House Arts - Artist Dame Elisabeth Frink made Dorset her home for the last 16 years of her life. It is hoped that Sherborne House will someday provide public access to her
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/2015/02/house-vision-gets-warm-welcome/ Sherborne House - The Vision | Sherborne House Arts - An update following the launch of the Sherborne House Arts Vision for the renovation of the house. Attended by over 100 guests including the Lord-Lieutenant of
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/category/the-white-room/ The White Room | Sherborne House Arts - Welcome to the White Room, a forum for news events and comment. The White Room has reinvented itself, briefly, as a virtual space, providing and inviting
  • http://www.sherbornehouse.org.uk/2015/05/three-reasons-why-sherborne-house-is-so-important/ Three reasons Sherborne House is so important | Sherborne House Arts - We look at the reasons why plans to renovate Sherborne House are so important.

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  • Nigel Bond - Dirty

    I am very disappointed in the Weathertech floor mats for my F-150. The fit is not perfect and I cannot get them clean. I scrub with soapy water and then rinse with clean water and when dry, they still look dirty. 2 months old and they look old and shabby. For the money, $200, they are very poor value, I feel I was ripped off

  • Julie - It does smell but is great tool

    The mat looks great. It has a dark gray and a light gray side. Smells like rubber or plastic. In a big room it wasn't noticeable but I moved it to small room and when I opened the door there it was. I hope it gets better with time. I keep the door of the room open and it definitely better just don't keep it in small closed space until the smell goes away or get something else. I'm just not willing to pay more for something "better" so I am keeping it. Quality seems good, looks great, perfect size for most projects etc. I would buy it again even when smell and all. With doors open, smell is not an issue for me.

  • BookLover - Not worth the wait

    What a disappointment and certainly not what I expected after Dry Bones. I should have read the other reviews before purchasing; I agree this title does not fit in with the Longmire canon and certainly doesn't seem a likely response to the events in Dry Bones.

  • Member - Just improve Online Bugs otherwise 5 stars

    Yes like all reviews said it`ll work in US format but only on HDTV .Old SD tv aren`t compatible with this game.HDMI cable, doesn`t matter, any brand is fine as i`ve three different tvs with different HDMI cables .In every unit work flawlessly.We play online within circle of friends and you can`t catch or runout online .Its just leap of faith .There is tremendous lag during catches so you can play aggressive without fear of getting catched as 8/10 it`ll be missed even if your timing is spot on.Otherwise not a bad game at all.They don`t have license so they are using fake names for players during 20/20.You can edit names or DL renamed file from internet .Game conatin all formats of 20/20 ,ODI ,test ,hawk eye limited over that can be reduced to 5 over ( Excellant )but missing new rule of "Challenge Umpire decision for review by third umpire" that rule introduced after game being releseas so probably that`ll introduce in 2014 game because that much time this game needed to gain profits because its not as hot product like Fifa ,Madden or NBA .