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Florida Products Liability Lawyers, Actos Law firm, Searcy Denney - The Actos law firm of Searcy Denney, with offices in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee, aggressively represent their Florida clients in Actos lawsuits.

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  • rachael hilton - Just do it !

    Reading other reviews, I was pretty apprehensive about assembling and getting this beast installed. SO I was delighted to find I had no trouble at all! It was smooth and simple to get the anti rebound bar and the head rest in place. Installed rear facing in my 2001 pathfinder with the seatbelt, middle seat. One of the easiest seats I've ever positioned and secured. Also THE BEST, solid, secure installation of any car seat I've ever used. This thing is staying in place!! I am so pleased with it!! My 2 year old can easily climb in and out by herself. She is comfortable and not cramped at all. Plenty of room still for growing, which is one reason I bought this seat- the extended rear facing ability. As an emergency room nurse, I am so over concerned with car/seat safety. I struggled with the price tag, but now am very happy I went ahead. We upgraded from the britax marathon, which is a great seat and not cheap either, but all in all, this seat out shines it!

  • Joe Crump - Not so comfortable

    I've used SensorExcel for many years but wanted to experiment. I bought these with high expectations I'd find my new shaving companion, but quickly put these in the "use only if out of razors" section of my cabinet. They were much more uncomfortable to shave with and caused me to bleed much more so than with the SensorExcels. If your beard is the kind that takes a really careful touch to shave, then I don't recommend these.

  • erin bilbo - Mississippi is hot and we like any beer as long as it is cold

    We were skeptical. Mississippi is hot and we like any beer as long as it is cold. We didn't think we had palettes sophisticated enough to notice a difference. We lined up 3 different beers and did a blind taste test. This system changes the taste of ALL beer and makes them better! We tried a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan, Southern Prihibition, and Modelo. We could all definitely tell a difference and pick out the beer that had been ran through this system.

  • Amazon Customer - Will not buy T-Fal again

    Every T-Fal pan that I have purchased lasts less than a year. The non-stick coating flakes off into my food and the pans are such cheap quality that the metal warps and the lids no longer fit because the pan is a different shape. Never buying T-Fal again.

  • Amazon Customer - OMG!!!

    This book was everything...OMG!!! I fell in love all over again with the Medlovs. Latrivia Welsh took this book to a whole nother level. You talking about jaw dropping...Lord have mercy! This book gave me life.

  • Ann Sligar - A stubborn leg wound

    Just a quick review to note that this honey has been the most active product that I have used on this old leg wound. It started out as a cat bite in Jan of this year. It progressed to cellulitis, at which point I sought medical advice. I was sent to the local wound care clinic, where they did their best but the rubbing from the pressure wrap caused a small leg wound to become very large. At about that time I began treating it myself because I could see that they would be wrapping my leg and I couldn't stand the pain of that for the next year or so. I used bentonite clay and activated charcoal poultices to pull out the staph. I used a number of things including Amerigel ointment on the wound...but nothing has been as active and effective as this honey. I am not kidding at all. I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for real.

  • Jersey609 - This is Awesome

    I saw the Bissell Steam & Sweep commercial and did further research online. After buying, I am completely satisfied with the outcome. I ended up buying the Pet Bissell Steam & Sweep since I have two cats. The Bissell Steam & Sweep had no problems picking up the cat hair. I have read other reviews about problems with pet hair pick up. If you buy the Pet Bissell Steam & Sweep you should have no issues since the brush is different. The regular Bissell Steam & Sweep has brushes it looks like when the Pet Bissell has rubber brushes. As for the small water reservoir. The reservoir is big enough to cover a lot of area. I never have to refill. The trigger is not an issue with me. I personally like the trigger control. Makes you feel in control of the steam coming out. The product is so easy to use and in the long run I feel like I will save A LOT of money. No more chemicals for the wood floor or buying cleaning pads. I'm so satisfied with this product I am buying my mother one for the holidays!