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  • Malise - I don't get gitters

    I have been taking these pills for quiet a few days now to help boost my weight loss. I like the fat that I am not as Hungary. I don't get the gitters like other pills. It also helps block your fat intake and increases your metabolism. I feel if I continue to take these natures burn in will lose a good amount of weight with my diet and exercise.

  • MsUnique86 - Staying true to the music

    Love the album. I'm proud that he stays true to delivering a message rather a hit. I only buy music from artistic, passionate, ludicrous, free thinking and humble musician. Stay true to your music and your morals.

  • D. Ross - Good part of a flea and tick regimen that I've followed for years

    I've used these for many years and have never had any fleas on any of my dogs nor have any of my dogs had reactions to these collars. Of course my dogs are bathed and groomed regularly so that adds to flea and tick prevention. When we're going for a hike in tick country I remove these collars and put on a pricey tick prevention collar (Preventic) and spray the other end with a neem oil concoction. And then I pull the little blood suckers off in the in between areas when I get home using a routine an old vet taught me. Then the tick collars go back in the freezer after leaving them on for 24 to 48 hours and the Hartz collars go back on. So with a little bit of care this whole thing works, I'm not paying big bucks and the bugs stay off my dogs. I don't know after reading some reviews, maybe Oregon fleas are wimps.

  • M Porter - Epic

    This is one of the greatest first albums, it still sounds fantastic after all these years, and in my opinion, better than everything since Protection

  • Mike - What a piece of junk!!! It's missing ...

    What a piece of junk!!! It's missing streets that have been around since 2004. It's not user friendly. If I could give it a zero I would. What I can do is delete it and chalk it up to a learning experience.