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Expert Weight Loss Information and Advice from Weight Loss Expert Dr. Kent Sasse - Weight Loss Information: Practical tips, resources and weight loss advice from one of the nation's foremost weight loss experts; Dr. Kent Sasse.

  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/nutrition-and-weight-loss/ Nutrition and Weight Loss | Sasse Guide - I have worked in the field of weight loss medicine, public health and nutrition for many years and I have worked with thousands of patients in their individual journeys to lose weight. If I have a specific bias, it is a bias towards solutions that have demonstrable value to the patient.
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/weight-loss-surgery/ Weight Loss Expert Dr. Kent Sasse Explains Weight Loss Surgery | Sasse Guide - Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is performed to help seriously overweight individuals lose significant amounts of weight.
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/mayor-bloomberg-and-new-york-lose-to-feds-and-beverage-industry/ MAYOR BLOOMBERG AND NEW YORK LOSE TO FEDS AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY | Sasse Guide - In a policy decision handed down from the USDA, the federal government has refused to grant Mayor Bloomberg and New York City permission to stop allowing New
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/choosing-amongst-weight-loss-surgery-options-why-is-it-so-complicated/ CHOOSING AMONGST WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY OPTIONS, WHY IS IT SO COMPLICATED? | Sasse Guide - You would think these surgeons and weight loss experts would simplify matters and devise one procedure and one standard diet program that worked the best. 
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/great-job-to-lace-em%e2%80%99-up-team-at-brown-elementary-school-and-wendy-damonte/ GREAT JOB TO LACE EM’ UP TEAM AT BROWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND WENDY DAMONTE | Sasse Guide - What an amazing morning!  I had the profound honor of getting to see the fantastic moms and dads of Lace Em’ Up, the organization put together by Wendy
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/obesity-and-cardiovascular-disease/ OBESITY AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE | Sasse Guide - While weight gain and obesity adversely affect the heart and the entire cardiovascular system in many ways, I think it is important to point out a few of the
  • http://www.sasseguide.com/blog/napa-marathon-part-ii/ Napa Marathon Part II | Sasse Guide - Fortunately by mile 10 the rain lightened substantially.  It actually became quite pleasant for a stretch, and just the faintest of breezes blew, moving some

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  • Kathy - It does work

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    I've been back at work for 5 months and have noticed a decrease in my supply while pumping. Adding the Mothers Milk supplement gave me an almost immediate (24 hrs) increase. Highly recommend this product.