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  • Stephanie - and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER

    I received this printer from Epson in exchange for an impartial review, and can say now that I LOVE THIS PRINTER! Set up was easy with no problems. I was not sure about having to fill the ink tanks myself, but I had no problem keeping the ink in the tanks where it belonged and off my desk and hands. thank goodness cause I did not have the rubber gloves it suggests. I do suggest that while the ink is charging, use the 20 minutes to install the software on your computer and be ready to go.

  • desiem - Not Too Sure About This

    Been using for six months. Had stomach issues with it at first, which subsided when I reduced the dose to once a day instead of twice. Have to say that I've noticed only minor improvement as far as my ongoing shedding problem is concerned, and I can't really attribute what improvement there has been to this product alone, as I eat well and also take other skin/hair vitamins. Will finish the present box as the product is so expensive, but won't be ordering again.