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RUStelefonen - snakk med oss om rusmidler - Lurer du på noe om rusmidler eller er du bekymret for eget eller andres rusbruk? RUStelefonen gir informasjon og veiledning. Du er helt anonym. Ta kontakt!

  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/drikkevett/ Drikkevett promillekalkulator app -Få kontroll på alkoholinntaket - RUStelefonen har utviklet en app og promillekalkulator for å få bedre kontroll på alkoholinntaket. Appen følger deg fra første drink og til dagen derpå.
  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/bekymret-for-noen-rusproblem-alkoholproblem/ Bekymret for noen med et rusproblem / alkoholproblem - RUStelefonen - Tips til deg som er bekymret for noen med et rusproblem eller et alkoholproblem. Les mer eller kontakt oss her.
  • http://www.rustelefonen.no/markedsforingskampanjer/presse-underside/ Presse og andre henvendelser - Ønsker du uttalelser fra RUStelefonen, eller gjelder det andre henvendelser, kontakt seksjonsleder Sturla Johansen.

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  • H. L. Cross - A huge hit for 5 year olds

    We have had it all of a few hours, We opened our Christmas gifts today, and so thankful I bought this watch. My 5 year old sons big gift was the imaginext power rangers megazord which he quickly lost interest in. This watch saved me. It wasn't charged, but let me tell you it didn't take too long but once it was charged nothing else existed all day. He has been playing with it since he opened it and it is still going strong. He is totally in love with it. We have only had it a few hours but I will update my review if anything happens. He is absolutely thrilled to have his own video camera and camera. This was his Christmas favorite for sure. I will say one thing...my other son is 6 (closer to 7) and super intelligent and he played with it for a few minutes and lost interest. Maybe it is more for kindergartners and preschoolers.

  • wndzbug - Not for My Sensitive Skin

    I got a sample of this item free from my sister-in-law. I was so excited to try it. The before and afters are amazing! I was hoping it would reduce my pore size, get rid of my mild adult acne and diminish the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks.I even excitedly took my before pictures, hoping to show everyone how great it worked on me. It was thick and orange and gooey and smells like a strong smelling putty or clay. It didn't seem right, and I wondered if it was old. Maybe it's just because I have really sensitive skin, but after a few days, I started to break out. I was told this is normal because it's cleaning out my pores. I kept using it. I waited a week, and things got much worse. I began to have full blown cystic acne. I again told my sister in law who is a brand partner. She said it's very bio reactive and I needed to water it down a bit. I look like I have tumors all over my face. It's very embarrassing to go out in public or work. I have spent twice the norm on foundation to try to cover them up best I can. It's been a month and the cysts are still here. I keep trying to dry them out with cleansers and products and nothing is working. I am now going to try Apple Cider Vinegar. Hope it works. This has been a nightmare. I cannot recommend. Sorry. I really wanted the results everyone else got.

  • Nancy - Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was ...

    Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was securely packaged and arrived safely. I love this ornament series - this is the fourth year.

  • Antnoio - It comes with a bunch of "Magic Surprises"!

    I was looking for non-expensive "home phone" service after changing providers and MagicJack Plus looked very nice to meet my needs for the first sight: you pay $70 for the first year and $30 each additional year (or even better $100 for 5 years!). Plus very affordable international rates. And 2+ year warranty! Who can ask for more?

  • Kevin M. - Good for a new player like me

    I had some friends that played Magic and I had always been interested in it and wanted to learn. When this arrived in the mail I was really excited and opened it right away. I got 5 mythic rares, quite a few rares, mostly uncommons, and a good amount of commons (these aren't very precise amounts, but should give a good idea). I put some decks together and started to play and won quite a few rounds. All in all, a great way for a new player like me to start, but my friends were also really jealous about the cards I got.

  • Thomas Hathaway - It does what it says it will do.

    As long as you accept the fact that this is not a permanent repair, Head Gasket Fix does everything it claims to do. By far the easiest to use. You don't have to remove thermostats or purge out all traces of anti-freeze, you just pour it in the radiator and idle the engine for 10 to 15 minutes. I have a problem engine with a serious head gasket issue. I replaced the heads (very expensive) hoping for a permanent fix; didn't happen. Within three weeks, I had the same overheating/head gasket issues. In desperation, I tried using pour-in fixes to keep me mobile; including some costing four times what BarsLeaks Head Gasket Fix costs. BarLeaks works the best. It will last three to four months before breaking down and requiring another application. I still have to baby the engine – keep the radiator topped up, no high speed crossings of the desert, no extended idling in the summer heat - but at $25 a bottle it works for me. I wish I knew about BarsLeaks Head Gasket Fix before I spent $2,000+ on new heads.