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Dr. Anthony Romeo, M.D. | Shoulder Elbow Sports Medicine - Dr. Anthony Romeo is one of the nation's leading orthopaedic surgeons specializing in the management and surgical treatment of shoulder and elbow problems.

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  • http://www.romeoorthopaedics.com/award-winning-care-from-romeo-orthopaedics/ Dr. Romeo a Recipient of the James Andrews Baseball Medicine Award - Last February, Dr. Romeo won the James Andrews Baseball Medicine Award. Visit Romeo Orthopaedics to receive award-winning sports injury care.
  • http://www.romeoorthopaedics.com/improve-baseball-medicine-and-injury-prevention/ Dr. Romeo Leads the Charge to Change Baseball - Learn more about how Dr. Anthony Romeo is helping to change the face of baseball sports medicine.

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  • randroark - It has a strong odor

    I don't understand how the majority of the reviews, even the poor ones, say there is no odor. I tried hot spot first and the scent was horrible. However, it went away after 2 hours. I didn't even use half of the bottle of Harris' spray and my home still smells 7 hours later. I have the window open and a fan blowing too. I felt uncomfortable in my home because of the bugs, but now I'm hoping I don't get sick from the scent.

  • Hannahx3 - Works!

    These are very easy to take and they don't leave a bad aftertaste. I can tell that my vision has improved.

  • Phillip A Stensrud - good NCLEX resource

    Helped me study for the NCLEX and offered some good practice tests. I preferred using online resources but this was nice for offline times.

  • Roger - Wait A While; It's Buggy

    I've been using Quicken since the early 1990s and so when Intuit sent me an e-mail that my Quicken 2011 Premier would cease to download quotes in April, I went ahead and updated to Quicken 2014. I should have waited until April! This version contains too many bugs that I know Quicken will fix. Until they do, watch out! For example, I follow my investments daily and because Quicken is slow to update prices, I sometimes fill in the closing price on mutual funds and then later in the evening, run the Quicken Update to let it fill in the High and Low prices. This version doesn't do that. If you manually fill in the price, when you run Quicken Update, it will leave the High and Low prices set to zero. If you delete the price completely and rerun Quicken Update, all fields are filled in correctly. I just noticed that problem today and I upgraded on January 6 so I found six days between now and then where I had manually filled in a closing price but the high and low price remained at zero. Another problem is when you move the cursor to the Quote/Price field of a security. Sometimes the field is hi-lighted so you can change it by typing in a new price. Other times that doesn't work. I haven't quite figured out what is going on there. I love Quicken and I know that Intuit will fix these problems. But, this program is so vital to me that it needs to work correctly all the time. I suggest you wait as long as possible before ordering this version in the hope that Intuit has fixed the bugs!

  • Lesley D. Tran - liquid stuff works as long as you stop smoking for ...

    liquid stuff works as long as you stop smoking for at least 48 hours drink plenty of water and then take this the day of and you will be just fine

  • Elden A. - I stopped using it after doing good for 2 weeks but I can see it helped ...

    I stopped using it after doing good for 2 weeks but I can see it helped with my stretch marks and redness on my skin.

  • PhilipL - Like product, bottle image needs more accuracy

    I've been using Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster for years. I still have a head of hair. Because of the product image, I thought the bottle did not come with a pump, but it does. Thinking it did not come with a pump, I bought it at W**mart with a pump, and it was twice the cost as this site.