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  • Kyle - Way over priced!

    This product worked OK but the cloths that came with the kit had to be thrown away after their short use and the product did not last long enough to do the entire vehicle. This product should probably be priced lower at say maybe $10 with a $4 shipping and handling fee and should have more of the product in a bigger bottle. I purchased the Detail Doctor to try it out on my other car and got way more product for less money.

  • trixie - Not a bad sample as it actually works!!!!!

    Okay so I suffer from a lot of pain. Tendon, bursa, and joint pain that covers shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Basically I hurt everywhere but none of my Drs can tell me why. So I receive shots in my shoulders and hips every few months. Along with that I take Rx nerve meds, and OC pain meds daily. Also some electrode patches, biofreeze gel, and a Rx muscle relaxer whenever the pain is severe. So I tried this sample immediately on a tendon inflammation of my ankle which makes it hard to walk. He were my results. First the little foil sample packet that I had received from Pinchme.com was difficult for me to open. Secondly no stinky menthol smell at all (more like lanolin or something similar). Thirdly rubbed right in w/out any yucky residue. Lastly it worked almost immediately w/in a min I was able to easily walk. Now I used this tiny foil packet for a few days. I have found that you need to use frequently my pain would come back in about an hrs time. It also did not rid me of any inflammation in the area I had tried it on. Now I don't know if I would like to use this so frequently during a flare up. Some people work so its not exactly convenient to use often. I did like how it absorbed into the skin and it didn't make me stink at all. All big ++++ for me. I did receive this as a sample from Pinchme.com and these are my own thoughts and feelings for this product. It does work and I would purchase this at home. And honestly it would be easier to use at work than to tote my JUG of biofreeze to the office.

  • MunchkinsMom - Completely Disappointed

    Don't waste your money!!! Pads stopped sticking after two usages. I applied the pads to clean dry skin and they kept sliding off. After the second round, they stopped sticking completely. I even tried lightly wetting them and letting them air dry as some users recommended...no use! I would have been able to give the unit more stars, but if the pads won't stick, what good are the electronic pulses???

  • TheWhizzKite - Works for me.

    For me, it works as a toner to prepare skin for moisturizer that's not too abrasive. I have mildly oily skin type. I don't shave everyday, but when I do I typically wait about 20 minutes before applying, because like one of the other reviewers noted it can burn a bit. What it has does is control mild acne, razor bumps, and prepare skin to soak up moisturizer.

  • bluecandi - Happier brain

    I have an autoimmune disorder involving my thyroid and one of the accompanying symptoms is brain fog. So fun. I also have 3 young kids so that definitely doesn't help my mental functions lol. Anyway, I have been taking this for about a week. I did not think this would help me and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have noticed a subtle shift in my cognition and memory. Before I felt so stupid and dull. Coffee didn't help. Diet pills work but only for a few hours, plus a bunch of nasty side effects. Now I am feeling more "with it" and less forgetful. I have also experienced NO side effects whatsoever. I hope that as I continue to take this, my mental function will improve.

  • Bruce Hatton - Supported us getting more out of our vacation

    Supported us getting more out of our vacation than we would have without the ideas of things to see and the valuable maps.