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Revista de cultura fondata la Craiova, in 1838 de Constantin Lecca, Serie noua. - Mozaicul este o revista culturala de traditie, fondata la Craiova de catre Constantin Lecca оn 1838, cu un program proeuropean. Reluat dupa 160 de ani, оn 1998 оn serie noua, Mozaicul se aseaza оn continuarea optiunii europene, prin asumarea unui program neopasoptist оn sensul dat acestei notiuni de Adrian Marino, mentorul spiritual al revistei. In cei zece ani de la aparitie, Mozaicul si-a definit optiunea de a identifica si promova valorile culturale de circulatie nationala si universala din Oltenia, ramanand deschisa оn acelasi timp prezentarii unor evenimente culturale din spatiul national, astfel оncat sa se opuna enclavizarii culturale. Revista apare lunar si cuprinde eseuri, beletristica, cronici literare, teatrale, musicale, de arta plastica, interviuri, reportaje, breviar, revista presei culturale, grafica.

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  • Amazon Customer - Must read

    This book is a must read! I purchased before going on vacation thinking it would last me our trip, nope two days in and I'm done. Great book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and eager to see what happens next.


    The information in this book contains knowledge that most people are oblivious to, due to the way that we are deceived and deliberately misinformed on a daily basis with regards to our health. Frankenstein genetically modified and processed food, water from the tap and plastic bottles, prescription drugs, health supplements, so called health and beauty products, cleaning products, vaccines, toothpaste, shampoo, face creams and even the innocent looking bar of soap to name but a few (the list is endless), are full of nasties which harm us. This book is excellent on a number of levels. First of all it is concise and to the point, whilst being humorous in places and easy to read. The conversational style suits me perfectly as reading academic books as a mature student becomes somewhat tedious after a while. Don't get me wrong, it is very thorough and everything discussed is backed by science, it is just written in a way that effectively passes on the information. I feel like the author could be having a chat to me over a cup of tea, enlightening me, as a friend would do. So far I have not come across anything that I do not or cannot understand. I love the fact the supplements have all been checked for purity on my behalf and that the author has gone to the trouble to do this for the readers at his own cost. There is online access to a list for each supplement and its certificate to prove its quality, so if you wanted to purchase them, you know exactly which brand to buy and what the product contains and looks like - brilliant! Cheap affordable and effective supplements that most people can afford are being promoted and that can only be a good thing. The book is a wealth of information, some of which I already knew about but not in as much detail. I already had my eyes open to a few things that go on in this world regarding medicine and health and I have had my eyes open even more by reading this. EVERYONE should have a copy of this book at home!! It is essential and a total must have item. Do not hesitate. Buy it and reap the benefits it has to offer. Learn about what really goes into what you are exposed to day to day. To Mr Ellison, the writing of this book is such an act of good. Books like yours exist purely to help other people prolong there lives and be as healthy and therefore as happy as they can be. It is an example of truth versus a vast worldwide deception designed to harm us and our families. God has definitely blessed you for being so giving in taking the trouble to share your knowledge in this way. Thank you so much.

  • Jaceeka - Great case, small breaking piece.

    This is a great case. The colors are awesome and it looks so pretty on. It fits the iPhone 5 so nicely and makes the side & top button usage so easy. The only downfall is that the small piece of plastic around where the charging cable plugs in breaks over time. You end up with no plastic piece there, but the rubber piece remains. I have friends who have this case and the iPhone 4 version of this case and all of them have done the same thing. It's just a too thin piece of plastic to hold up over time. The broken piece does not affect the cases ability to protect the phone and it stays on with no problem. I'd still buy this case again.