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Renova Power - Home - Renova Power è la società specializzata in energia del Gruppo Genera,una holding finanziaria che controlla oltre 20 società di successo nei settoridelle costruzioni, dell’immobiliare e del retail.La mission di Renova Power è ridurre i costi energetici dei nostri clienti, in modo semplice e sostenibile.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.8612 California, United States

  • Erik M. Devane - Exactly what was needed and nothing more.

    Worked well. Had to use some tape to allow the auction cup to hold the (broken) lower screen, but I'm typing on it now, less than an hour after it arrived.

  • ZathrasOne - I really like the design of this charger

    I really like the design of this charger. Having the numeric display showing the percent capacity available is MUCH better than just 4 lights (where the first light means 1-23%, for instance). Also, the higher 2.1A supply rate charges my phone relatively fast compared to with most other portable chargers that are rated at 1A. Also, it tells you the charge rate when charging a phone (1A/2.1A)... and the appearance is very stylish. HOWEVER on the first test the capacity appears to be much less than claimed. My phone (a Nexus 5x) using a USB-C connector has a battery capacity of 2,700 mAh. When charging it from full dead, it took 21-23% of the capacity of the charger each charge. If the charger really has a 92% charge efficiency, and the phone a 82% charge efficiency like the charger manual suggests, then with three charges using 69% of the capacity, that puts the charger capacity at 15,560 mAh, or 23% shy of the 20,000mAh that they claim. Hence my 5 star rating. Otherwise it would be a 5 star rating.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the smell

    This shampoo smells so good. I'm not sure it's any better than any other shampoo but since it smells so good, it's worth the price

  • mae from mars - I love the re-enactments

    I love the re-enactments. My favorite thing to do is see how close the casting agent comes to matching the real people being interviewed with the actors.