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Renova Co Ltd - We are known as 'the chair people' for a purpose. Here are Renova Co Ltd we have specialised in a very particular niche market that focuses on the manufacture and import of furniture on which and around which people sit.At Renova Co Ltd we specialise in chairs, tables, stools and sofas, for indoor and outdoor use. Our furniture can be found in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, in small and large numbers. We can supply a wide range of styles, from traditional and classical, to modern and contemporary. Whether you need hundreds of the same chair or just one bespoke chair complete with its own exclusive upholstery, 'the chair people' can help you realise your dream.

Country:, Europe, MT

City: 14.4611 Birkirkara, Malta

  • Fatima Sandoval - I love this product

    I really love this suppliment because it has natural vitamins for healthy hair growth. I have similar products like that and I'm taking one of them. This product has no side effects and it will not counteract with other medications or suppliments. The shipping conditions were great handeled by the delivery and the seller. I got this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review. I highly recommend this product

  • Helen Bull - This has such a nice, light honey scent

    This has such a nice, light honey scent. I enjoy using it, and it makes my kids smell nice. The bottle is a nice size and shape to sit next to the tub without falling in all the time. It is normal as far as shampoo goes-- no amazing benefits or drawbacks as far as my hair after I use it.

  • Matt - Pure Gold

    I feel ten times better when I take this, including energy and focus. You really notice the effects within 15 minutes or so, and the pamphlets say your body doesn't even get to peak oxygen concentration until 6-8 hours later. It also helps with detoxification of your cells, so you may notice a slight headache when first starting it. There are many theories about how a properly oxygenated body can't be affected by many different diseases, including cancer. Oxygen doesn't let bad bacteria or viruses live either. It really is an amazing supplement , even taking away the increases in energy and focus.

  • Kate - Powerful but not for me

    I bought this simply because I'm too lazy to clean my hardwood floor every other day. So I thought it would be nice to have a robot vacuum doing all the work for me.