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  • marmalade7 - Look For Something Better

    I suppose it's O.K. for use of small children or if you have nothing to do but file your nails. It's very slow going and the light flickers, which tells me that it's overtaxed just doing the easiest trimming. I still have to use an emery board to finish the job.

  • AP user - Great emergency light and all around lighting for picnic table

    These lanterns are really bright! I would like to have a lower power setting instead of lowering the light into the unit to reduce the amount of brightness. The COB LED's put out a better light then lanterns with all the individual LED's. The flashlight is an added bonus light that I didn't think would be that great, but it has bright focused light. I bought these as backup lighting for the up coming winter storms coming this year if the power goes out.

  • Anaximander - what went wrong with this franchise?

    This game feels like Civilization 5.5, except with inferior graphics. If you liked Civ V, then you may enjoy Civ VI. However, if you are like me, and believe that Civilization IV was the peak of the franchise, then you will be disappointed. All the issues caused by the 1-unit-per hex (introduced in Civ V) rule are still present. The developers have done little to modify or moderate the system. As a result, the tactical combat is a snooze, in part because the AI still can't handle IUP. In addition, the pacing of production and science does not work due to constraints caused by IUP.

  • Kathleen Huller - Always one of my favorite things as a gift and especially for reading

    Always one of my favorite things as a gift and especially for reading. Look forward to this publication every year.