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  • Charles J Richardson - Must Have Book for Ford Bit/spur Collectors

    This book is 'THE' book for anyone who considers collecting or researching the bits and spurs made by well known maker, R.F.Ford. The wife of the maker has gone to great detail to make certain the order book that Mr. Ford used in his daily work is copied and preserved just as he wrote it down. The book shows the work, the coffee stains and scribblings just as RF put them in his book and is a tremendous resource for those collectors that wish to go back and look at this makers production through the years he made bits and spurs. Notes on many of the spurs and bits are in the book as well as who he made them for. Mr. Ford passed away in 2011, but his work is gaining great collector attention in the realm of western memorabilia collecting. Anyone collecting Mr. Ford's work would certainly want to add this book to the collection.


    My small business employs about 25 people. We started using Peachtree/Sage products about 5 years ago. I would like to start by saying that I feel Sage 50 is a very good accounting package. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time with the trend the software market is taking. You no longer can purchase a software package and just use it for years until it is obsolete. Software companies are designing these products to essentially be expensive subscription services. When I first purchased Peachtree it was only a few hundred dollars and I was able to update the tax tables myself and use it for a few years before it became obsolete. Now, for the Sage 50 2013 version, Sage has taken away the ability to manually update the tax tables and you are forced to purchase the update and cutomer care package, (all in one). The update service for 2013-2014 is nearly $1200 which I guess in the big scheme of things isn't the end of the world, but you must now budget for it on an annual basis. You no longer own the software, if you do not choose to upgrade annually the software will become obsolete. MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS SOFTWARE WILL COST YOU OVER $1000 ANNUALLY TO USE.

  • R. Castaneda - total trolley

    great for moving items of all sizes. not ideal for rough surfaces like outoors with a lot of gravel. the ladder feature is very handy. it saves a lot of extra trips to the truck.

  • KaycJ - Twenty Stars

    I wish I could give this 20 stars! Nicole Jackson you did your thing as always. That was definitely worth the wait.

  • Capt. William Flint - Thinly Veiled Right Wing Catholic Propaganda

    Unlike a recent reviewer, we did not find this to be "conservative". We found it to be a product of an extremist right wing organization whose stated goals is the creation of a fundamentalist catholic society.

  • Larry Luter - Comprehensive, non-intrusive suite.

    I was a previous user of Norton 360. I was constantly updating and scanning for viruses and malware. Bitdefender Total Security is far less intrusive and does what needs to be done.