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  • http://www.psycho-drama.com/31-q-and-a/191-death-note-light-l-evil-characters Q&A: In Death Note, both main characters (L and Light) seem to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this? - In Death Note, both of the main characters (L and Light) seemed to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this?

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  • kenamazon - Powerful application but blurry font rendering makes it unusable for some

    I'll miss this product (used and developed with since 2003), maybe I'll be able to return to it next version but the ClearType font rendering in visio 2010 has made the product unusable for me (and others apparently -- google visio fuzzy fonts). The new ribbon interface is another productivity killer.

  • Techisme - Good case, great texture, holds Apple Pencil very well

    Really like this case. The fabric texture feels very secure when holding. Good parking place for my Apple Pencil. Holds my iPad pro well with full perimeter grips. Sleep/wake function works fine.

  • Matthew J. Rieder - Watch out for the micro usb port

    I searched on Amazon for quite a while before picking this tablet. It was a reasonably priced Android Marshmallow tablet with 2GZ of RAM. Instructions were minimal, but the setup program was clear enough to get things going. The size of the screen is great and installing apps is a breeze. The downsides are that the screen seems to be a bit dark even when adjusted to the brightest setting. When viewing a movie on Netflix, the night scenes are difficult to make out. The front facing camera is really fuzzy. I am also concerned that Marshmallow takes up half the RAM, leaving only 1GZ of RAM to run everything else. I would be tempted to give this only three stars, since the micro usb and brightness issues are particularly annoying. However, I realize that you get what you pay for, and the reasonable price offsets some of the faults. I paid $174.00 plus tax, while the unit was $159.00 on the Asus site. I don't know what Asus charges for shipping and tax. The price on Amazon went up $5.00 between the time I put it in my cart and checked out.

  • Richard Ceass - A little confusing

    I found the software a little harder to use than I expected. Also, the anti-virus cd also contains the PC tune up so there was no need to buy both software.

  • RailJoe - Quite impressed

    I really like this software, it seems to really work as I was hoping for when I purchased it. The price was right, but it seems to be less intrusive on my system and not so demanding on my hardware. The system seems to run as quickly as before I installed webroot.

  • Kindle Customer - Yassss!!

    Always leaving me in awe and wanting more....I absolutely loved everybody stories had me in my feelings a Lil lol....we need a spin off now 😂😍😍...

  • Natalie Lamothe - It's a key fob

    This key fob matches the description online, it is my spare and I have not had to use it yet but I feel confident that it will fit my needs