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Starbene: mente-corpo - Sito di psicologia e psicoterapia cognitivo - comportamentale per i disturbi d'ansia (ansia, attacchi di panico, doc, fobie), disturbi dell'umore, stress, disturbi alimentari (bulimia, anoressia), disturbi sessuali, disturbi di personalita. Ne

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Ziln - For readers of literary fiction.

    Collected in this book are some of the best stories I've ever read, but if you're not a reader of literary fiction, you might miss the point of a lot of them and think they're "dull" simply because the narrative isn't as flashy or "clever" as the stack of mystery novels you blazed through on your Florida beach vacation. If you read for good writing, powerful emotional hooks, and all around good storytelling, then this is certainly worth looking through. There is some really incredible writing on display here from some true masters of the craft. Some of these stories moved me to tears, most of them had me saying "Damn..." to an empty room after I read the last word.

  • john mcgowan - my father caught me using these pens

    i live with my parents and when my dad found me using these pens he threw all of my things in the trash and now he's taking me on a hunting trip?

  • christopher hayes - What problems with the exhaust fan and bare floors?

    I've had the NV22L for about three weeks now, so I can't comment on the longevity at all, but I will update the review if anything happens. I've never used a Dyson so I can't comment on that either.

  • J. Erickson - Amazing coffee!

    This coffee is truly "almost heaven" and has taken our home coffee drinking experience to a new level. I have been unable to find any more at my local Starbucks shops and was thrilled to find it here. Make sure you stock up on this limited release coffee before it is gone. If you are unsure, ask your Starbucks barista for his/her opinion on this fabulous brew.

  • Fatboy the Frontiersman - Annual purchase from Amazon

    Never disappoints. We get one every year. It is of the same quality, year after year. It is fun to see the scene getting put together as we get closer to Christmas.

  • John_in_NC - Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013

    Installation was easy and all the extras that are included make this a very good value. Having a reliable blocker of malware is the main reason I purchased this, but being able to install it on up to 5 devices and manage them each via a web-based dashboard is a plus. The password manager not only keeps up with passwords you've already created, but will generate new (strong) ones for you on the fly. It also allows you to auto-login or not. The 25GB of free storage for customizable automatic backup and/or sync is a definite plus, as are the firewall and network connection monitor, harmful web site blocker, sandboxing, secure file deletion, continual updates in the background (with an Internet connection), and very quick background scans. The first scan took slightly more than 2-minutes. Since then, the scans have taken less than a minute running in the background at a scheduled time. Its use of system resources is very low, ranging between about 320KB and 784KB, depending on what is happening. I haven't tried it yet, but there's also a feature that locates your smartphone or tablet if lost or stolen. To double-check the malware protection, I've scanned with "MBAM" several times and that also reports the systems as being cleaned.

  • Sarah C - You won't ever want to buy another brand again!

    This bra is perfect. Comfortable! Fits where it should on your body, you won't have to adjust it multiple times a day, like other brands. Just enough padding and doesn't look fake. Washes easily (I hang mine to air dry) and the "form" doesn't get messed up in the laundry. Made durable and is withholding it's construction. I don't wear VS bras anymore. Love Warner's bras!