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  • pinkstars - horrible reaction

    I used this on my cat for the first time. He is lathargic, and has sores on his skin now. The spot where i put it is slimy and feels like grease. It has spread down his body. He has started to bathe himsself but stops so i guess he has gotten the taste in his mouth already. He looks very uncomfortable. It is now 7am i am calling my vet as soon as they open. I dont' know how to get it off of him as i can not give him a water bath he hates that as any cat would. I will never trust HARTZ products again. terrible they should take it off the market with as many deaths i have come across online this morning.... next time i do research before using a product....

  • Maddie - my progesterone is super low, and I lost the pregnancy at 6 ...

    We tried for 9 months to get pregnant with no luck. During that time I was diagnosed with PCOS (unexplained weight gain, nearly impossible to lose weight, infertility, moodiness, breakouts, lethargy, etc) and I was so discouraged and angry (especially because I got pregnant with my son the first month we tried!) So I read up on PCOS and hormonal imbalance and in my research I kept reading about myo-inositol - the supplement in Pregnitude. I started taking it every morning and night and I got pregnant the same month! Truly, it was a miracle!!!