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EKG | Heart Sounds and Murmurs | Lung Sounds - Free EKG and auscultation training with drills and reference guides. Taking blood pressure simulator and drills. Designed for all medical professionals.

  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/heart-sounds-murmurs Heart Sounds and Murmurs | Free lessons and quizzes - Heart sounds and murmurs training materials and reference guide with over a hundred heart sounds both recorded patient murmurs and simulated heart sounds.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/heart-lung-sounds-reference-guide Heart Sounds and Lung Sounds Reference Guide - Heart and lung sounds reference guide with over a hundred heart sounds including both recorded patient heart murmurs as well as simulated heart sounds. Also includes phonocardiograms and cardiac animation.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/korotkoff-sounds Korotkoff Sounds - Korotkoff sounds explained. Free lessons and cases. Practice taking blood pressure using dial or mercury blood pressure cuffs.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/lung-sounds Lung Sounds | Free lessons and quizzes - Learn lung sounds by taking our free courses. These courses cover basic and intermediate levels of lung sounds. For all medical professionals.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/breath-sounds-reference-guide Breath Sounds | A Guide to Auscultating Breath Sounds - Breath sounds simply explained. Extensive library of sounds, with lessons, including multiple types of wheezes, crackles (rales), rhonchi, vesicular, bronchial and voiced sounds.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ekg-practice-drill Arrhythmia Practice Drill T#9155 - EKG arrhythmia practice drills. Includes digital calipers & immediate feedback. #4155
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ekg-reference-guide EKG Reference Guide - EKG reference guide. Includes EKG tracings and assessment tips. Extensive lessons and hundreds of practice strips. Intended for all medical professionals.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ecg-quiz ECG Quiz - ECG quiz with multiple choice questions and graded report at the end of quiz. Free for medical professionals.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ecg-interpretation-tutor ECG Interpretation Tutor - ECG Interpretation Tutor. Practice reading EKG strips with feedback. Available for free to medical professionals.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/taking-blood-pressure Taking Blood Pressure - Taking blood pressure training using dial or mercury blood pressure cuffs: an introduction. Free interactive patient case studies and simulations. For all medical professionals. Free.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/blood-pressure-measurement Blood Pressure Measurement | Explanation | Simulator - Learn how to take blood pressure. Blood pressure cuff simulation for practice blood pressure measurement. Case studies on hypertension.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/Account/Register Register - Register for additional features on this website, including progress tracking and certificates of accomplishment.
  • http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/mobile/index Heart and Lung Sounds Guide - Mobile Edition - Mobile reference guide for EKG (ECG) and auscultation. Over 400 EKG tracings for practice and quizzes. Auscultation lessons covering heart and lung sounds.

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  • J. Creasy - so so hand warmer

    The packaging these come in is ridiculous, It took me 10 minutes to open them and i used a knife. They are not that great of product to be sealed up like that. The lighting of these warmers is a trial so you will have to be extremely patient.and i really did expect for them to put out more heat. You have to use the bag or they get a little to hot on bare skin.I think i will order a couple of the other brand to make a real comparison but so far i'm not too excited about these. Also they will not stand up without help so to me that's kind of a hindrance when filling them. If you are looking for that zippo quality that we all grown to expect you won't find it here. The only thing these hand warmers has going for them is the price....

  • G. Godfrey - a good well researched book that falls in line with my ...

    Dinesh, a good well researched book that falls in line with my world view. That's all I am going to say about the book because I realize I am conservative and a liberal/progressive minded person would not like the content of the book nor agree with very much in the book. So, if you're a conservative or have wondered what the liberal/progressives were up to and where they are coming from I believe Mr. D-Souza's book is enlightening, if you're a liberal/progressive and you don't like getting upset then this book is not for you. All of this is my opinion of course...

  • Marmie - i could love this game if it were not a rip-off

    So much fun and quite challenging until early on in levels you find out it forces you to start all over unless you agree to play through facebook. I don't play apps on fb. I socialize on fb. Two different things. So *#&% your gummy drop. It takes plenty of time to go through the levels to have you screw with people that way at various points of the game. Delete.