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  • Leon Weidmann - Bought it for the title song

    Band is better than I remembered as a kid. I went in for surgery last winter and they had me about half sedated as I was going to the or and I kept singing the song until they sedated me all the way.

  • goddess18 - Balmex Works!

    I discovered this product when my children were babies. It has earned a place in my home ever since. First because it works really well and secondly because of its mild smell. Yes it is very thick, paste like actually. The texture is why it works so well. It creates a barrier on the skin which stays put until you remove it. It works well on all sorts of skin irritations. The ingredients are the same as in the adult version. This 16 ounce jar is the better value. I gave it four stars because it is messy to open. There is no way to open the seal without it getting all over your fingers. I suggest waiting until you need to use it to open the seal. Save yourself one clean up.

  • Urban Momma - Better than a regular highchair!

    We got this to bring with us to out to dinner and when we go to family events. We got the Teak which is dark taupe/light blue color. It's true to color, great quality, love how easy it is to remove from the frame to wash. I researched tons of highchairs like this and couldn't be happier with it.

  • jcmc27281 - it's great. Provides a nice clear strong wifi signal

    When it's working, it's great. Provides a nice clear strong wifi signal, but I wish it had memory backup or something. Everytime you lose power or disconnect the power cord by accident, have to re-enter all the wifi information.

  • Tom Hearsey - Delome needs to simlify

    Too soon to tell but initially it is difficult to use. I was a Map N Go advocate when Delorme was offering it and the updates to it and it was very user friendly. The Street Atlas Plus is rather complicated to come up with information that is comparable to the old Mao N Go. I read other reviews stating similar findings but thought perhaps they were a little bias due to the fact that they were comparing with a competitive system that is no longer available. I am finding they were giving a more accurate description than what I thought. In conclusion I would say difficult to use and much harder to retrieve the info.


    So I'll start by saying they have a few cons but mostly pros. I'm someone that uses the headset for exercise mostly but also have had the chance to take a few calls and relax with some music on them. They have a great amount of base and are pretty clear for the price. No noticeable distortion. Close to as good or better than sets that I have paid over $100 for. They have a small amount of cut out but only seems to be related to me covering them or adjusting my phone. Not at all enough for me to dislike them. I just ordered a second set for a back up. Very easy to pair. The charge over a couple of days time seems to give good play and stand by time. Volume is great and that comes from someone needing a high amount of volume to enjoy a headset. Fantastic to have zero wires at all. Also very easy to charge.