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PhilSeven Foundation Inc. - PhilSeven Foundation is the CSR arm of Philippine Seven Corporation. This page provides information on the activities, programs and vision of the foundation.

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  • N. Briscoe - Great product!

    So I'm going to leave feadback for 3 items that were purchased together to work together. This review is for Cellfood Original, Cellfood Essential Silica Formula, and Cellfood DNA-RNA Cell Regeneration taken together, 2-3 times per day. The same feedback will be available for ALL 3 PRODUCTS. I bought 3 Cellfood products that I've been taking internally for the past 8 days. The very first thing that I DID notice was the great sleep. I don't think that I've slept so good and awaken so refreshed in years. So that was definitely a plus. The second thing that I noted was how alert I was both at home before work and until the very end of my 4-12:30 am work shift. Usually, around 8 pm, I begin feeling very lethargic at work and have to fight sleep. I've been alert all week, without the need to consume energy drinks at work at all. The third and most remarkable thing was after the 2nd day taking all 3 products, my overactive bladder ceased to exist. I've been battling an overactive bladder for years. Sometimes with overactive bladder, you make it to the bathroom, but not without having lost a drop or two first. I'd just assumed that it came naturally with weakened muscles after giving birth to my daughter and with age. Apparently, I was wrong, lol. Not a single drop has made it out before reaching the bathroom since 2 days after I began taking these. It's like the muscles somehow corrected themselves.

  • Sarah - I love this machine~

    I ordered this off of amazon.com The shipping was prompt and this machine is fantastic! I bought this machine in lieu of a treadmill and I am glad I did! It is a good sound economical buy! I enjoy my workout and this machine was easy to put together and SO easy use! I definitely recommend it!

  • J and L Walker - I really do like this callus remove rand it does work to some ...

    I really do like this callus remove rand it does work to some degree, however I wish it had a little more power so you could press on it. Don't think it really needs the tilt head part. It does work though and my feet feel much softer.

  • latoya - hair feels like butter!!!

    omg i love this product i didnt really believe what people were saying about this product because people tend to exaggerate alot when talking about things they like but i decided to try it anyway.i brought the chi keratin mist first and it smelled kinda strong compared to this product but i really did like it, until i tried this product it was great and it didnt smell as strong as the keratin mist and as soon as i put it in my hair and combed it, it just glided through wow, and im a little past my perm date and my new growth is there but this product got my hair in shape all i needed to do was blowdry (i only had to blowdry with the keratin mist to) and my hair was straight now i wish i had brought a bigger bottle

  • Laxidaisy - This is terrible. Really, awfully terrible.

    Seriously - I returned for a refund. I suggest you do the same if you bought it, or steer clear if you haven't. This has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. It usually plow through books, and this one took a few hours just to get to 25% because I kept stopping, bored out of my mind. None of it makes a lot of sense, there is no reason to care about ANYONE in this book. Yuck. I have no idea how this book got four stars - don't be fooled!

  • KarenV7 - ThreeLac

    Despite alot of negative reviews, I felt the positive reviews outweighed the negative ones and tried this anyway. It has helped me a great deal with my problems with inflammation, allergy symptoms, and skin issues. The best things it has helped me with is being able to sleep again, and being able to sing again. The problems with inflammation and allergies had become so bad that I could hardly talk or sing without losing my voice. I will keep using this stuff until I am sure I don't need it anymore.