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  • Jbeegoode - The skeptic finds out that this discovery is that important

    It is true, it just may be that important. The information, anecdotal and scientific in this book is convincing, but I was still skeptical when I tried it. The resulting difference was apparent in the first morning. The next morning took me by surprise, when I returned from the kitchen and realized that I didn't have my usual pain. Within two weeks my sciatica pain was all but gone. When one buys a product, they include a copy of the book. I've been giving them to my friends to read and gave one to my doctor, who was curious about the changes in my body.

  • Victor O. Toth - Works EXACTLY As It Should.

    This product DID take a while to get here, but it was well worth it. I was already using the NYM Grow Leave In Conditioner after my shampoo & normal conditioning.. I had no idea they made shampoo and conditioner in this set as well. The smell is amazing, strawberry like. I've read some people saying it doesn't lather for them, it lathers fine for me. Sulfate free is extremely good for your hair. Also, the chemical they DO put in tho shampoo & cone DOES promote hair growth. I used to have a 'dike spike', a fowhawk, so my hair was extremely short last year, around January. I had my son in March. Now today it's about below my shoulders, even longer straightened. I haven't bleached it, or done much of anything to it to let it grow out. This shampoo and conditioner is amazing. I give it 5*, smells good, feels good, and WORKS. I could have done without the waiting everyday for the mail to come, but other than that.. I most definitely recommend this product more than anything else.