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  • Jenn - We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two ...

    We absolutely love Clek! We have a foonf and now two fllos. We love just about everything about them! I wish they had the no rethread harnesses but that's such a minor "con" it's not worth removing a star.

  • Flip - Great!

    I have used the crest white strips and this does just as good , if not better of a job without getting all the tooth and gum sensitivity. I have bought this several times now.

  • Siguiriya - A Thousand and One Uses!

    Never pay for another bikini wax. Mixed with water and applied as a paste, uranium removes unwanted body hair in two days. Left on longer, it also removes unwanted skin, muscle, and bone. Mixed in food it also removes unwanted spouses. Buy a can today and discover what uranium can do for you!

  • TechGuru - Less for More Money

    Where's my 0.5 Lb and price went up slightly but what's with giving us 10% less. Optimum Nutrition you make a good product but dont try to nickel & dime us .

  • Amazon Customer - Dont buy

    The product is not completed. I bought this for to use with I phone but I never work. I have helps with customers service more than 5 times to find the solution. But so far they still can't fix the problem with mobile app. I wish I never bought this, maybe you have to wait for next update 2014 instead.