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Open Society Institute-Baltimore - Open Society Institute-Baltimore - Open Society Institute-Baltimore focuses on the root causes of three problems in our city: drug addiction, an over-reliance on incarceration, and obstacles that impede youth in succeeding inside and out of the classroom.

  • https://www.osibaltimore.org/2016/10/community-meets-to-recommend-priorities-for-justice-reform-at-solution-summit-forum/ Community meets to recommend priorities for justice reform at Solution Summit forum | Open Society Institute-Baltimore - Community meets to recommend priorities for justice reform at Solution Summit forum

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  • cmac_co - DuroStar DS4000S

    EXCELLENT!!! Great job DuroStar. I received my generator today, lifted it from the box (it does weigh every bit of 90+ lbs so becareful), removed four bolts and it was ready for fluids. I put the recommended 30 wt. oil in via a long skinny funnel (some said they had issues here but if you have a long skinny funnel you will have no issues at all)and did not spill a drop. I filled the gas tank up with gas, turned the gas lever to on, opened the choke, turned the switch to on and this bad boy fired right up! NO JOKE!! I was expecting it too be very loud but it was not so I was pleasantly surprised how well the muffler did. I let it run for a few seconds, closed the choke and allowed idle for 2 to 3 minutes. Connected my 30 amp RV adapter to the 30 amp plug, plugged my camper in and tested the following at the same time - 27" LCD TV, Jensen stereo with 6 speakers, fridge, lights, vent fan and microwave. . .the generator came alive a bit and powered everything as advertised. I am very pleased with my experience and feel confident that my family and I will camp in comfort now that we own a DuroStar!

  • Nicole Finley - Smoke but no fire

    It doesn't get the hair close to bone straight. You can get better results using a bliw dryer that has the comb attachment on it. Update 9/7/16 so the company reaches out to me and state the are going to send an replacement item if I give a higher review...90 days later I have not herd heard from them if it was possible I wouldn't govevany stars.

  • Robert Taylor - I can't believe how bad this is

    There are -10 stars. I should guessed, from the other reviews. But actually, they over-rate this product. I thought it had to worth at least $8.57, but I was wrong. I can't believe how bad this product is.

  • Jess907 - AB belt

    Got the belt pretty quick it was smaller than what I thought and the battery cover won't stay on it does have a good electrical out put and u really can feel it

  • Melissa Pandolfi - Yes.

    I love Penelope's books, so reading this one was a no-brainer. But, wow. I didn't expect all the feels. If you were ever that kid who didn't quite fit in, and really wanted to. Or maybe one of those kids who did but felt alone in the crowd....you should definitely read Misha and Ryen's story. It wasn't what I was expecting but, ended up being so much more. Loved it!

  • Isabella - When love comes after the marriage...

    I have read other novels by this author and this one had its own different voice. Strange as they may sound to our modern ears, the formal, sometimes almost dry dialogues between this man and wife with a rigid and unloving upbringing were rendered in a very plausible way, if seen against the background of the times where marriages amongst the nobility were indeed business arrangements aimed at furthering the line of the family.

  • D. Kan - Great mall and travel stroller.

    Great light stroller! After much research the choice was between G Lite and G Lux. Our main purpose was for future airplane travel, but found it great for daily mall use. If it gets trashed, you aren't going to cry too much vs the more expensive models with more adjustment options. The tires might have premature wear if used on rough sidewalk pavement or gravel, best for indoor or very smooth asphalt pavement is best. My boy is 6 months, 26 inches, and 16 lbs fits great. The stroller doesn't have head or side body support, so if your baby has trouble sitting upright in a high chair, then save this stroller until they can. 5 point harness is easy to latch and secure without pinching fingers or snagging clothes.