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    I really enjoyed this book and have read it twice simply because I do like the author's writing style and the message he has to convey. There are some interesting concepts here and excellent tips on job search; however, the book really gets into the nitty-gritty of bouncing around statistics based on studies, which proved to be somewhat tedious, a minor flaw of the book. The positives far outweigh any minor negative aspects.

  • J.B.S. - Good unit for the price.

    No real problems. Heats up well and does its thing. Can boil water. And bet it will fry a burger in a pan. Holds heat a long time as the element is heavy cast. So it will be hot after shutting it off for quite a while.

  • C Eastman - REALLY ?? Truth in advertising - NOT!!

    Oro Gold Deep Peel, 2-OUNCE - REALLY ?? try 1.69 ounces!! My last container was 1.79 (53ml) - this one is 1.69 (50ml) ....

  • D_NC - Great songs, not so great game play

    I could only give this game 3 stars which I think is being very generous. The only thing I really liked about the game was the songs.

  • Kristen Del Bene - he is not in so much pain any longer and in a better mood because of it

    My husband started drinking supple and within 3 weeks he noticed a difference. He could not make a fist and his fingers would pop out of place and had pain in his hands, knees, elbows and couldn't pick his arm all the way up. Now after 3 months he has full movement in his hand, his shoulder, and pain free knees and elbows! He cannot believe the difference. He still has lower back pain but that is not from arthritis. I am thinking of drinking it myself but the cost is definitely a factor. After reading the other reviews I am greatfull it has worked for my husband, he is not in so much pain any longer and in a better mood because of it. I am concerned about the review mentioning the possible long ter side effects. I hope there is follow up to it. Will be looking into it.

  • Lily - This is the only shampoo I use, the best everyday shampoo.

    I tried using the new Grow Strong garnier shampoo and it was just terrible: left a strong plastic-y residue and little latter. I don't think I'll ever go back to another shampoo. Whether or not it actually prevent breakage, I can't really be sure of. However, the quality is this shampoo is extremely nice and there is biotin in it's ingredients. That combination would lead me to believe that I'm better off using this shampoo for breakage than any other kinds in the market and I do notice that I tend to shed more whenever I switch to a different shampoo (because I ran out of the fall fight one). Please give it a try.

  • Gretchen Gilliland - I am glad someone told me about this product and I will ...

    It cleared up whatever plant related contact dermatitis I had. It took several treatments because I had the rash for a week before I used Zanfel for the first time but it did what I was hoping - saved me a trip to the doctor. I am glad someone told me about this product and I will certainly pass on the information. This is a product that, as long as I have a yard to maintain, I will keep on hand.