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  • Butterbug's Mom - Love it!

    It took me 3 months to use up the 32oz bottle but in that time my hair has grown almost 6 inches. In October I donated 15 inches of my hair so I wanted something that would help to grow my hair back quickly and one of the girls at work mentioned this shampoo. This stuff works and surprisingly every winter I get dandruff and this year no flakes just shiny, healthy hair. I just ordered my second bottle.

  • Mariano's - High quality for a great price.

    I decided to give this a try and let me tell you it is awesome. It is a snug fit Unlike some of the other off brands that do not click into place right, this one did. Clicked into place first time solidly no problems. I took about 5 minutes of a steady use to get the clear water from the filter.

  • Emmanuel - Heck yeah works for me.

    It actually works well with a waistband since you can wash it.I was 280lb, 5'11,size 46 waist before using this.Now I'm at 265lb, waist 42 after 2 weeks using it.I was that fat guy that said "yea im going to work out" but quit after a while never losing a pound but gaining.Spending money on this was motivation to use it.While using sweet sweat I actually felt a big difference.People say that its just the product melting but I say is my fat burning or water weight leaving.I would wipe the sweat from my arms and sweat still pours out.I have tested how much I sweat with and without it and its noticeable.I'm proud to said I'm 265lb 19years old working out to look good.I walk for a good hour to 2 hours a day for 4days. Do I run? sometimes but I find walking more suitable for me.My eating habits had changed after seeing my weight lost but still crave for food.So to all my fellow fat friends reading this, if u really want to lose weight try it while doing some cardio activities like cleaning the house or just walking at the park and ignore haters .Try eating out less and drink plenty of water. Don't use an excuse to stop losing weight even if you lose 1pound, just keep going.

  • Clay Kutch - searched for AVEDA tea...

    ....after being completely smitten by their Aveda salon tea given to me at a hair appointment in LA months ago.

  • Zachary Stoltz - Awful day one launxh

    Does not work properly with the PS camera. Worst purchase, ubisoft shouldn't have rushed the release of this game! Hope they fix it soon

  • Christi Haverfield - It works!

    After using this stuff for just two days I can already see that it's working. I wax and since the weather has been hot it seems like I was having more issues with ingrown hairs. I feel confident that i have now found a solution!