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NIATx: Home - NIATx is a learning collaborative within the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies. We provide research, promising practices and innovative tools that encourage and support the use of the NIATx Model of process improvement.

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  • Keyona - dont not get anything from them!

    it says that its NEW but clearly they send me a book with markings all trough it! want my money back ASAP

  • NC Customer - Windows 7 64-bit

    More and more consumer computers are sold with more than 4GB of RAM, which means that they are running a 64-bit version of Windows. It is not like Windows 7 came out last week? Intuit had plenty of time to fix these problems. I have decided to upgrade my computer to Windows 7 Pro 64bit, but keep my QuickBooks 2008. I just have to run the program in the XP mode virtual. I know that Intuit does not support this, but then again, what do they support? They charge a fortune for support of a poorly written program. The worse they make it, the more money they make in $upport.

  • Trekker - Fashion and protection

    These gloves are very into fashion world some might say, but Fox surprised us again . Not only beautiful these gloves are, specially the colorful ones, but by the standard Fox has put on their products it's surprising they improved what was already very good. The stitches are invisible and you don't feel them from the inside when using it. They give you that pro look. Definitively it's a five-star product !

  • Amazon Customer - An Epic Fantasy Adventure

    Well this proves it. Ink Mage isn't your typical fantasy adventure and Victor Gischler isn't your typical fantasy adventure writer. Known for his successful crime novels and more recently for his writing of countless funny books, the Edgar Award nominated author has woven a torrid tale by mixing classic fairytale romanticism with the macabre drama familiar to fans of George R.R. Martin. Even as page after page becomes more bloody and stabby, the fresh characters and twisting plot leaves the reader still wanting more. Yes, this proves it. Victor Gischler can successfully write in whatever genre he puts his mind to. Ink Mage is an epic fantasy adventure.