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Welcome to Natural Eyes of Weston Weston, FL - Natural Eyes of Weston is an optometry optical with a preventative nutritional focus, thorough eye exams and unique eyewear, such as Revo, Ovvo, and Porsche.

  • http://www.naturaleyesofweston.com/myopiacontrol.cfm Natural Eyes of Weston - Myopia Prevention - Myopia (nearsightedness) is a progressive disease affecting about 1.6 billion children and adults worldwide. Research has proven that orthoK can slow nearsightedness and restore 20/20 vision in as little as one day to one month depending on severity.
  • http://www.naturaleyesofweston.com/sclerallenses.cfm Natural Eyes of Weston - Scleral Lenses - Scleral contact lenses can be life-changing for those with keratoconus, ectasia, or other corneal diseases.

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  • mark allan parish - Looks Amazing

    I love the box, everything looked professionally done. I have no complaints what so ever. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to add that bump to their truck and keep those speakers out of sight. If you have the metal table things under the seat like i did, you will have to remove them in order to install this box.

  • Marie - QB review

    Quickbooks works great. Can't say there is much that is that different from any other version. I have always been pleased with this product. It is nice to have the enhanced payroll and online chat help when I need it, since our business now has an employee.

  • Hugh W. - Initial impressions of Office 2013

    I have used Office 365 AKA Office 2013 for a few months on another machine. There are a lot of new features above Office 2010 that have benefits to the user. However, as with most MS products of late it requires the user to spend a lot of time exploring each feature and deciding if there is a real benefit to the user. Most of those who use the product in a business setting need ease of initial set up and launching of the product and interface with older MS versions as quickly as possible. The installation on a new Windows 8.1 desktop machine went smoothly. However, if you already installed Office 2010 or earlier versions of office and installed Office 2013 without uninstalling 2010 it can cause problems especially if you use iCloud devices. I was my experience under these conditions Office 2013 becomes unstable and requires a reinstallation. For me it took several reinstallations before it settled down.

  • Penguin Shopper - I'm beautiful, amazing

    Same story as everyone else, "Let me give you one for your eyes, too" thinking it's another sample, I go in, with my husband, and our GIANT double stroller with two toddlers in it. The toddlers were just outdoing themselves in this store, but this guy just never came up for breath. Apparently, two year olds viciously fighting to death over a cheerio doesn't compel him to even speed up.