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The Mind Research Network (MRN) - The Mind Research Network (MRN) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and other brain disorders.

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    Really quite please with the picture quality of this TV. Initially purchased a 50 inch but found it to be too big for our apartment. After returning it however, we purchased a 43 inch which works better although I think the jump from 43 to 50 is too big. We were easily able to set up our wifi, amazon, and youtube accounts. the web browser is pretty basic but it works. installing the smartview app on iphones was easy and were initially impressed with it until it stopped working abruptly. It simply wouldn't connect. It later started working again, perhaps on its own, not sure but we did attempt to update the firmware although we already had the most current (we've read a lot of complaints about the smartview app online). the picture quality and the audio for us seems exceptional. there are a lot of snobs who've reviewed both aspects and complained but seriously those people need to get a life. I definitely recommend the tv. consider your size needs before purchasing.

  • salena - The service was great. I got it very quickly and item was ...

    The service was great. I got it very quickly and item was what I bought. However the pills themselves did not work for me. I took the dose that is instructed on the bottle and on the 2nd day of taking these I crapped straight blood. Not just some blood mixed in the stool either. So I gave it a week to see if it would subside but it didn't. As soon as I quit taking these pills my bm's were back to normal. This is very disappointing BC I read some great reviews and was really wanting this to work.

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    This book is a comprehensive overview of what every manager and HR professional needs to know. It's readable, practical, and necessary. It will help you create an effective and legally compliant work environment. Go get your copy now!

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    I really love this product! I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but it has cleared my acne and my skin is glowing! So many retin-A products are overwhelmingly expensive, and they just don't work. This product is super affordable, and it truly works without overdrying my skin. Try it! You will not regret it!

  • The Chef - What a pain in the ............

    I've been a Norton user since Peter Norton started the company. They were consistently the BESTof what was out there. I didn't know if the products would be as good after Symantic bought them but kept going with them anyway. For a while they were mediocre but eventually got their stuff together. I was running IS 2012 with no problems. Except for this year. I first got 360 from Amazon, after having read some not too great reviews about install problems but figured between tech support and my background it would be ok. Well, the heading ( What a pain ) showed up. 360 would NOT install properly. After several frustrating attempts I called tech support. After an hour on the phone, several remote reinstalls and reboots I hung up on the tech. She was just shotgunning the fix and wanted to uninstall NU 14 then reinstall 360. That's when I pulled the plug. 360 syas it doesn't like NU15, says nada about 14. Well, that was the problem. So, I returned 360, got IS 2013 and tried to install it. Same thing. Apparently whoever designed the SW didn't have the brains to run it against a NU14 install. I wound up having to uninstall NU14, First with Windows uninstall and then with the Norton Uninstall Tool which took EVERYTHING ( NU, Ghost, etc ) Norton off my computer. I then reloaded IS 2013, then NU14 ( yes, it worked and works ) and Ghost. Now you know why the title. You cannot have ANY other Norton product on your drive or in your registry or this just won't install. What a pain in the ..........