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  • Tula Holic - Not reliable

    I was a big fan of BatteryMINDer, owning seven total, including three of this model, two of which are now dead. Both died while floating a standard car battery that was not in a car, so the car is not to blame. I take good care of my equipment, batteries and chargers included. The second one died while being powered through an Isobar surge protector (includes isolated filter banks as well as high Joule protection against surges) so the power is not to blame. Loved my BatteryMINDers when they worked, but the lack of reliability is a real deal breaker for me. I buy these to take care of my batteries for me; if I have to check on them every few days, what's the point of having an expensive smart charger? I am still a fan of temperature compensated, battery charger/maintainers with desulfaters, but for my money, there are other, better, brands available here on Amazon.

  • L.J. - This stuff is a miracle product, already see results ...

    This stuff is a miracle product, already see results on hair growth in bald spots within a month use. I wonder if I keep using how far it can go, time will tell

  • OneTreasure - To the Band

    Guys, if you are reading this please understand this comes from a place of love. This album is not the OneRepublic I know and love. I feel like the touring really got to the music. It totally lacks the depth I need from you, Ryan. I also was sad to hear the bad language in several songs, when you have never felt the need to use it before. If used well, it can enhance music, but the s-bombs, while tame, detracted from the songs. Your vocals are still spot on, but not one song moved me to tears or dancing (and there were several in each preceding album that did so). The b-sides for Waking Up were better than these songs. I do not care if you never tour again, just bring my soulful, depth-filled songs back. Remember, quality over quantity. I still love you. Always your fan, OneTreasure

  • J. Kerekes - Economical Nootrope companion!

    As far as I can tell, this is the cheapest form of the highest concentration of Choline I can seem to find from Amazon from a manufacturer that isn't somewhat terrifyingly unknown. Wal-Mart standard brand, high dosage, low cost, big pills, great effect. I can easily get my 1g of Choline to pair with my Piracetam, vinpocetine, or whatever other nootropic substance I opt for on any given day. Very good value and seemingly good product.

  • avid reader - Christmas Barbie is one of the Prettiest Ever!

    I belong to a doll club and this doll was shown before Christmas by another member and I just loved her. I had purchased a few of the Holiday Barbies over the years, but this was by far the prettiest one (in my opinion). I waited, hoping someone would give me this doll for Christmas, but it was not to be. I was going to order her after Christmas but she was too high priced, but later Amazon had her on sale, and since I had got an Amazon gift card for Christmas I got her, and I was so happy with her!!! A truly beautiful doll!!

  • zcarp - Best UPS I've Owned, very user friendly

    Plug and play, I have several of these UPS for various computers and have had absolute great results. They work every time and when they reach their life span you can replace the batteries for a fraction of the unit cost. These are not a vanity item, they are a necessity when it comes to protecting data. Read the instructions and its very easy to use. Comes with useful software if you want your computer to control its environment.

  • Alaskan Princess - S-o-o-o-o-o disappointed :(

    I have 2011 (unused) and purchased Hallmark Studio 2012 Deluxe. I've spent most of the day creating ONE card. Problem/s? First, this doesn't easily give you ability to create on your own, it's probably ok if you just want to use their designs and test 100%. I, however, wanted to use different graphics, clip-art, include a photo AND use my own text.