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  • Buddha3233 - Love this book

    Love this book! I needed direction , being a diabetic, and all the information I need to fast sucessfully is here!

  • Elizabeth C. Scott - Boots No 7 and Pump Bottle

    I love the Boots No 7, however, the pump bottle is awful and wastes the product. This pump bottle leaves about one third of the product in the bottle.

  • Ricardo S - A Lot to Love In This One

    When It comes to Action Cameras it is important to do the research-that is if you do not plan on buying a GOPRO. There are endless action camera makers out there and I researched about 5 different brands. I bought this one based on (1) price (2) based off this article (3) 4K, screen display and available app (from the app store).

  • StrollerQueen - A fun alternative to an umbrella stroller

    Right off the bat, I want to say to make sure you get this new, redesigned version. The old one had a kind of "X" handlebar,( If you want to see what I mean, check out the pictures on StrollerQueen.com) and this version is much more comfortable to push. Also, a single bar handle is much easier to push than the two handles of an umbrella stroller. It seems like everyone's second hand is being used these days--either holding a phone, coffee, toddler's hand, dog leash, etc. If that's you, then make sure you get a stroller you can steer using your other hand--like this one. Another good thing about the Scooter handle is that it's height adjustable. This feature was important to me because I wanted to use it with the BumpRider (the riding board for another child, which is also by Joovy.) You can position the handle so that it's almost horizontal. That gives the child riding on the board the most room (again, you can see what I mean on StrollerQueen.com). The Scooter also has a large basket with a zipper, so you can get into it when the seat is reclined. There's a front bumper bar so your child can pull themselves forward and sit upright,and mesh pockets on the insides of the seats so they can stash their toys and snacks. The sun canopy is large, and on the back there is a zippered pocket, and built in cupholders for you! I really like these crazy features. So handy. There's even ANOTHER plastic, removable cup holder on the side. The seat pad is reversible, with a summer side and a winter (fleece) side. If it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the machine. The fold is easy, and it stands up after you fold it. If you're in the market for a lightweight stroller, check it out!