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  • Michedolene Hogan - The Program Works for the Right Scenario

    I was pulled into the long list of reviews here and noticed that all of them were one extreme or the other. Some say it was awesome and a must have (very likely paid or compensated reviews) and others state it is the worst and a HUGE waste of their money, but nothing in moderation.

  • lori costa - Great shaver

    Bought this as a gift for my husband to replace his old Norelco shaver. The rotating blades cut close, leaves no stubble. The trimmer gets used the most as he has a mustache. It does a great job since he really hates to shave. Definitely recommend this.

  • P in PA - Great little invention

    Great little invention! I'm a sometimes coffee drinker and don't like to waste a whole pot for one cup. If you pour water over the sack like the directions you get a cup of brewed coffee, I like to set the filter into a cup of hot water, the difference is, I think, you get a smoother tasting and a bit less caffeine cup. I like it and would definitely purchase it again.

  • mayah - This Natrogix Prime Mind Brain Health Formula is the best Natural Brain Supplement Promotes Memory & Focus

    I'm so thankful I found this product, really helped me to become active and focus in my exam. This Natrogix Prime Mind Brain Health Formula is the best Natural Brain Supplement Promotes Memory & Focus, Boosts Brain Function, Helps Enhance Metabolism & Energy, Made. I really love the amazing results of this product.

  • Optimus - Not bad

    Good sampler to figure out which ones you'll like best. Lavender, peppermint and orange are my favorites. Not a big fan of the other 3. But its a good product! just a few drops will be enough to make the house smelling nice.

  • S K Jones - Works so much better than expected!

    This product really works at removing your previous color, and evening out your hair tone so that you can re-dye if you need to.

  • amanda - The best thing since sliced bread

    My daughter turned me on to this product a year ago, and every since, I've been faithful to it. After washing my hair I take a good scoop out, and massage it in my hair. After covering it with a plastic bag for a good ten minutes then I blow dry my hair without rinsing it out. I keeps my hair long and healthy without feeling oily. By far the BEST conditioner that I've used in 40 years.