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  • Shawn - Kids love it!

    So much fun! Kinect on the XBox One is far more accurate than on the XBox 360, and this game benefits greatly from the improved performance. The game allows a huge number of simultaneous players, and you can enter and leave as you please. The music selection is great, and there are a lot of additional songs available as well. A great way to workout or just have fun with the kids.

  • becca - SCAM ALERT!

    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! The "sizing charts" are wrong by several inches. I bought over $50.00 worth of goods and nothing fits! A medium shirt purchased for my daughter was listed as fitting 35.5"-36.5" chest, she has a 32" chest. We ordered the item larger to fit over tank tops, t shirts, etc. It is so small it doesn't even meet in the middle or button! A dress ordered size large for myself (sizing chart said fits 38"- 39.5"chest, I have a 36" chest) is the same. DO NOT PURCHASE CLOTHING FROM HERE UNLESS YOU INTEND TO GIVE IT TO A PIXIE! Return policy is outrageous as well. Items must be shipped back at customers expense (shirt came out to $6.00 more than original purchase cost). Again SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!


    Both my husband and I use the Simple Sugars Scrubs and absolutely LOVE them. We are most fond of the Vanilla and the Gingerbread scents but have used the Coconut, Almond, Coffee and other scents. This product is amazing. No more dry skin and no more lotions/crèmes. Just a few spoonfuls of Simple Sugars (it comes with a small spoon to get the product out of the jar) when showering and you are on your way to smoothness. We would not travel anywhere without it. Such a huge difference in our skin since we began using this product - buy it - you won't be disappointed.

  • G. S. McLaughlin - Lovin' the Bullet and lovin' the juices/smoothies...

    ON a recommendation from two friends, I bought the Nutri Bullet..been wanting to have a juicer, for years, and was always hesitant about which one, so never got one...anyway, I bought mine at Target $99.00, and I use it once or twice daily...I love it...For greens, I have used kale, swiss chard or baby spinach (my fave), and for nuts I go back and forth between raw cashews and almonds, and then I almost always use from papaya, pineapple, granny smith apples, celery, carrots,cucumber,melon, banana, strawberries..I always use organic coconut oil and either chia or flaxseed...i stock up and use different variations, but so far, it has been wonderful...for liquid i also use a little organic vanilla soymilk, and fill the rest with filtered water. ...For anyone who wants to go raw, this is def a great way to start..I have NOT tried frozen fruit, am getting everything as "fresh" as i can...YOU WILL THOROUGHLY ENJOY THE EASE of it, and the RESULTS...

  • Joyce griffin - Very bad

    I was so happy to buy these pills I brought two of them and come to find out it's the worst thing I ever did I used up the first bottle thinking something was gonna change and no not all then I went to the second bottle the next day now the second bottle is gone still no good result I wish I can get my money back but it's too late they say smh I guess everything not for everyone and they made me rate a start in order to continue smh again really

  • Amazon Customer - Helpful

    I completed this entire nook in preparation for my GRE, and I especially appreciated how it prepares you for what you will see, how it will be presented, and how it will be scored. The writing section was extremely helpful, and the prompts provided in this book were similar to those I actually saw. I will say that the verbal and quantitative questions in the prep book were slightly more difficult than those on the GRE, which I think is nice because I found myself relaxing some when I realized during the test. Overall, this is a good prep guide, and I do highly recommend studying prior to the exam.