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  • Chayla L. - Little to no soreness

    This is perfect for after an intense workout when I know I need muscle repair. I have my bf take these instead of his creatine and he has no more stinky creatine poots. Sorry if tmi but I love how natural and beneficial this is. Hardly any soreness the next day! It's worth the full water belly to take 5 tablets at a time.

  • J.S. - Love this case!! It just feels very sharp and I have a feeling I will be using this case for a long time!

    This review is for the Galaxy S7 Edge Case, SpigenĀ® [Wallet S] Stand Feature [Black] Premium Wallet Case with STAND Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (2016) - (556CS20050) by Spigen

  • Amazon Customer - It has completely transformed my 75 mile daily commute

    I seldom ever write reviews for anything, but felt compelled to do so about my car. I own a 2016 Tesla Model S (VIN 147xxx) and it has completely transformed my 75 mile daily commute. Autopilot is a phenomenal piece of engineering, while not perfect, after experiencing it first hand it's absolutely clear that this technology will change the world. The ride quality is outstanding, aesthetically the car is off the charts, acceleration is fantastic, connectivity / entertainment system is unbelievable, and basically I love everything about it. Not to mention it's designed / engineered here in the USA, built here in the USA by USA workers, and runs off power generated by the USA and not some middle-eastern country. Everyone needs to find a way to experience this vehicle. I can't imagine my wife or I will ever own another non-Tesla vehicle for the rest of our lives. It's really that good.

  • B. Wilson - Do yourself a favor and buy it

    I've always been a fairly risky user when it comes to computers and I've had at least my fair share of viruses. I've also had my fair share of antivirus programs. I abandoned all the free stuff a few years ago because it just wasn't effective enough. Nothing against any of them, but you get what you pay for in my opinion. You may not have to pay top dollar, but you're going to have to pay if you want the best protection. My last product was Avast Internet Security. I believe I paid about $50 for protection on 3 computers. I ended up with a ransomware virus on one which Avast could not remove. It also had an online shield that would monitor the information coming into your computer from the internet. The problem with that was it would send the information to your computer in bursts which really screwed up any online game you might be playing. If you were trying to drive a vehicle online the vehicle would move, then freeze while it processed a new batch of information, then move again, then freeze again. It was extremely frustrating. I ended up turning off the real time internet shield which pretty much defeats the whole purpose.

  • sandra bischoff - Sandys opinion

    I have been using Cindy craw fords products for about 6 months. I am on the auto ship program and can say I am very happy with their products and customer service. If I need to extend my ship date no problem if I have an item damaged they replace at no charge. I had one item for my chest that for some reason I got a rash and they gave me a credit for that item. I am 65 years old and my skin is in very good shape. I do go in for facials every couple months. I would love to have a miracle in a bottle but that's not happening although I will say I do not look my age. My aestician tells me my skin is beautiful for my age and asked me what skin care line I use.

  • Amazon Customer - Enjoyed

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Jodie witness her mom getting murder after she discovered the other members of family dead. Now she's a prisoner. Dante was a participant in the birders and Jodie was give to him. As they spend more time together their feelings for each other grow but the mafia has plans for Jodie. Dante is determined to protect Jodie at all cost even if it means getting killed. Danger, suspend, action and love can be foun in this book recommended read.