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  • Kory J. Hayden - I love these for so many reasons

    This is a great, inexpensive starter kit for someone interested in essential oils. My family uses doterra, and it is also amazing. For my budge this was a GREAT starter kit. I use lemongrass and sweet orange in my water. I add the eucalyptus to the basin of the shower for a spa like experience. I feel cooler and extra refreshed in this hot summer heat with a mix of peppermint and unscented lotion on my feet and behind my ears, especially while sleeping. If I am feeling tired, I put a drop of peppermint in one hand, and sweet orange in the other. I smell them each individually and rub my hands together and keep smelling the wonderful mix for a great wake up! I have put lavender drops in the sink and toilet for a refresher to the bathroom. I also mix lavender with unscented lotion to sooth razor burn and dry skin....I do wish grapefruit was in this starter kit! That would be perfect. ....I have not used tea tree oil yet. In general, I love having this kit, and I use it everyday, many times! Also know that the 10ml size bottles is PLENTY - just a drop of each oil goes a long long way!

  • smnims - great product-highly recommended

    Cell food was recommended years ago by a great holistic nutritionist and we just started taking it again. It seems to provide energy through increased oxygenation of the blood, and in this day and time the trace minerals it provides are usually missing in the modern diet.