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  • Erica - It was perfect, I was afraid the ears wouldn't stay up ...

    It was perfect, I was afraid the ears wouldn't stay up but they food!! My son loves it. And so many compliments, everyone who watches paw patrol was so excited to see this costume. Only available online made it better because everyone wasn't wearing it. Great quality.

  • JN916 - YASSSS!

    Coming from someone who gets pedicures on a regular basis sometimes even more(2 times a month), uses every tool/lotion/balm known to man in the shower and out for her feet this product is IT! I have always had severe dry feet which I'm sure is caused by being barefoot or from tanning regardless this helped me have the most smooth feet ever! I would highly recommend soakings the swimming for awhile BEFORE putting on the booties.. Your feet need to be pruned basically- reply to those emails you have been dreading, get caught up on your Instagram creeping and do this! After I would wash off the product in the shower or bath and then let the feet dry and don't use any lotion on the feet.. Those bad boys need to shed. I would recommend soaking every day there after to get the initial progress started quicker.. The first time I did this product, it took 9 days for them to peel but I didn't soak long clearly because I am on day 3 of my second time and my feet are shedding in full force. Also, buy these in quantities- no need to thank me.. Just do us all justice and recommend to everyone because you with the nasty feet.. Yeah we see you!

  • Amazon Customer - Steves is the best

    Rick Steves is the best guidebook editor because he does part of the work himself. His little hand drawn maps look crude, but beat a free map from the tourist office every day. All the info you need, nicely presented and explained.

  • Jeb67 - Zanfel & Me: Field Notes

    I have contacted poison ivy 4-5 times in the past 5-6 years doing ranch work on my place in central Montana. It seems impossible to avoid when working cattle or doing fenceline repair, especially when one has to focus on the tasks at hand. Under these circumstances I have had poison ivy rash most commonly on my hands and legs, but in the most severe cases pretty much all over my entire body. The first time I experienced poison ivy rash I tried a variety of creams and gels to try to reduce or stop the itching, including Calamine Lotion and Benadryl Gel. The Lotion and Gel reduced itching for a few minutes, or sometimes an hour or two if the rash was mild. I even tried coating the blisters and rash with clear nail polish thinking if I could block out air the itching would stop (this air-blocking rememdy works for fire ant bites in Florida,which blister like poison ivy blisters, but it did not help my poison ivy rash or blisters). I also tried Technu Outdoor Skin Cleaner (the original)which is suppose to remove poison ivy oils, but I did not get really true relief until I discovered Zanfel. In severe cases I have washed my poison ivy rashes as much as four times a day, in mild cases once a day, with Zanfel. In severe cases, with Zanfel, it takes up to 3-4 weeks to clear; in mild cases 7-10 days. Zanfel's most redeeming attribute in my opinion is that it relieves the horrible itching (in my severe cases for up to four hours, and in mild cases up to 12 hours). It also noticably reduces redness of the rash and when applied routinely and as-directed, the size of the rash is visibly reduced with almost each application. To save a few bucks, I have also tried the Walgreens copycat version of Zanfel, called "Poison Ivy Wash".It works also. But in side-by-side testing of Zanfel and the Walgreens copycat on my most recent poison ivy rash which I am currently treating, I prefer Zanfel.Zanfel seems to perform the best for me.

  • Carlyanne - Seems to work

    This seems to work, but we sprayed the house for bugs this year so I haven't seen many anyway. I just don't like that I need one for every room! Otherwise, it does seem to keep bugs away. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.