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LVCT Health - LVCT Health is an indigenous Kenyan non-governmental and not-for-profit organization established in 2001. We are driving Kenya towards HIV prevention, with an ultimate goal of reducing HIV infections to zero.

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  • Ramiro. - DON'T BUY GOPRO 3 BLACK

    I was an absolute fanatic of the GoPRO Products, had two Hero and a Hero2. Which unfortunately I sold to buy this terrible GoPRO3 "Black Edition". The name is quite appropriate because it freezes up all the time and all you see is BLACK!

  • Dana Shafie - When is the waterproof edition getting published?

    As a whale, I found Cap'n Trimmers advice helpful, although he does tend to limit the scope of his recommendations to the surface of the water. Having run into huge ships many times before, with the headaches to prove it, I think I will be better prepared to avoid them in the future. But trying to read the small type on water-logged pages was very difficult. How about larger print, flipper-friendly pages to turn and waterproof paper would really help the aquatic readers. Keep up the great work Cap'n! Now if you can write that book on how to avoid huge beaches my life would be so much safer.

  • Stella - Best bang for buck!

    This is the best advent calendar ever!! I buy three of them every year for my family, my brothers and sisters families as well. All the kids ages 6-13 love it! They each look forward to their turn to open and build their part.... I highly recommend this for boys and girls of all ages

  • capolinea - rotary mechanism quit after a year of use

    Pros: Cordless; not too loud (don't need earplugs); does a reasonable cleaning job; easy battery removal/replacement.

  • gramma9562 - Quick delivery!

    These are as advertised and were received within 3 days. Easy transaction; very pleased - highly recommend for anyone who tracks debit transactions as often as I do,

  • John - This is an amazing healthy snack

    Recently began a Low Carb, High Protein diet. This is an amazing healthy snack. I am very satisfied with the product, and will order again. Already shared 1/2 the bag with a friend who is diabetic and uses jerky as a snack food as well.

  • Chasity Bradley - Cheaply made!

    Made very cheaply.. even for a ouija board that has for years been made like a regular board game... cheap non the less... but this is a new standard of cheaply made... I have one made in the 70s-80s and even though it just made of regular game board material it still made way better than this one... Even with the cheap thin plastic planchette from then is better than the "light up" battery operated heavy version now... Planchette doesn't slide well either... Plus there were air bubbles all over the board insults... This wasn't worth the $14.00 I paid... I sure wouldn't pay the $20.00 every other place sales it for. The only reason it even gets two stars is for the design that is on the board which looks nice. Very disappointed in this purchase and the child that received it was excited till we started seeing how poorly it was made!