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Anonymous - Anonymous - Goutezol is a natural Gout remedy that treats painful Gout quickly and effectively. It''s scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • J. A. Hill - taste great

    This is always great to get before a party, cause sometimes your dumb friends can waste it! Just as good as you find it at the store just on here I found it at a better price!

  • KrissyNic - Pro-StayAway if you sane

    Once upon a time Proactiv was this outstanding company offering $30 for clear skin..... Yeah effing right. Same company same crooks. I should have known. I however got tipsy one night off the boxed wine and saw the ad on TV and boom I'm sucked back in. Sign up & cancel. Easy right? About as easy as trying to portray Martha Stewart as sexy. So I call, 4 calls now in a month I've made. This foreign person that speaks terrible English tells me his name is Brian. Yeah, and I'm a white blonde girl with the name RaSheed. Screw these folks. They work a miserable job and swindle people out of their money. So in conclusion, I actually love the products, a little too drying so I use only at night when my face is all greasy with makeup. Then in the AM a cream cleanser. And voila.

  • Almost instant pain relief - Almost instant pain relief

    After visiting several doctors (General Practice, Allergists, Chiropractors, Artheritis Specialist) asking for arthritis pain relief other than prescription drugs, I had a friend recommend this book. After two days of following this diet I experienced the beginning of pain relief. It is now three weeks later, I'm still on the diet, and can on longer predict rain 24hrs. before the storm. People with arthritis know what I mean! The diet is very challenging but I'm trying many new recipes, all of which are very delicious, and eating grains and sea plants I never thhought I'd like. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants to be healthy and happy...

  • Amazon Customer - Another recommendation for pole dance

    I bought this stuff after another girl in pole class mentioned she used it, and it works great. My hands don't sweat excessively like some girls' do, but they get really clammy and gross, especially when we roll in for pole after like a Zumba class leaves the room humid and sweaty or when the AC isn't enough to kill the humidity and the poles get slick. It's not perfect- my hands still get slimy after a while and I need to wipe the pole down pretty often even with this stuff, and I do end up reapplying 3-4 times over an hour class (depending on what kind of holds we're doing that day), but it has helped a lot. I feel like I work a lot safer with this stuff on my hands. And the nice part is there's no weird smell. There's a little white residue when I use it, but that's not a big deal to me.

  • Charles A. Deverna - this mag does a nice job.

    this mag does a nice job...decent instruction and equipment reviews...will get repetitive over time but all sport mags, golf, fishing , hunting etc do. I really enjoyed the Masters stories. The Norman article is excellent. I appreciate the "rules" and "traditions" of Augusta. We do not see enough of that. Country clubs have loosened up rules to pacify members. no hat indoors and no cell phones except locker room should be mandatory at all private clubs. And ,as a Northeast resident, the season does not open until the Monday after the Masters !

  • Simone C - The best baby wash EVER

    I buy this, and the lotion, for friends who are having babies (along with the Aden and Anais swaddles). It is the BEST because the ingredients are so simple. I use it for myself too when I shower or bathe with my baby. It doesn't include any of the crap that other shampoos and body washes have to make it foam, and instead uses castille soap and a pump mechanism. And it smells like creamsicle. Mmm. It's awesome.

  • Amazon Customer - Love Makes Her World Keep Going

    This wonderful memoir is all about love: Carole Bayer Sager’s love of life; her love for her mother, family, friends, husbands, lovers, collaborators. Most of all, ‘They’re Playing Our Song’ is about one hugely inventive, kind, super-sensitive writer’s life-long love of the music of life. Carol Bayer Sager throws open the doors to the places in her heart where she brings to life the timeless music of so many fellow lyricists, musicians, composers, artists: Bert Bacharach, Bob Dylan, Marvin Hamlisch, Michael Jackson, Carly Simon, Peter Allen, to name just a few, Her generous gifts overflow with love everlasting. How is the artist's love defined? Among other things, this American music legend has endless, patient respect for the people in her life. You won't be able to put down the book.