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  • Amazon Customer - Very happy with my purchase

    Very happy with my purchase, I'm glad I researched this instead of buying the GoPro and throwing my money away for something that will do exactly what I need. I've tried it out already and it is simply awesome. This item here and possibly others have taken the edge of the GoPro! If you don't believe me check what GoPro stock was in 2012 vs what it is today, that market don't lie whe you have other competitors making the same item withdraw quality at a much better price!

  • Thom B. - Rustolem's Restore it's horrible!

    This looks great when done but didn't even last through the winter. Rustoleum told me that they'd only refund purchases with receipts, won't refund labor costs that I incurred and will incur and refused to give me the phone number to their legal department. There has to be a lawyer out there who wants a nice fat settlement! Help us out! Don't buy this crap!

  • Cliff Borel - Best J. Cole Album Yet!

    This is J. Cole's best & most consistent album yet! His older stuff tended to be on the boring side after a few listens but he really stepped it up on 2014 Forest Hills Drive! This album had no promotion & it was released out of nowhere. I think that he finally found his niche & I hope that he stays in this lane. The beats are hard & the lyrics compliment them so well. Props to Cole!

  • Rigel - Great product!

    I have very dry skin and I usually purchased night creams for the extra moisture until I found this product! Robanda Intensive Moisturizer cream keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day long. No more drying out in a couple of hours like I have experienced with other creams, some a lot more expensive than this cream. I love this product and it is reasonably priced.

  • BramblePie22 - DSC: Wonderful but pricey (If buying "local")

    I have used various Dead Sea products (Milk & Honey scrub, facial peel,cleanser,and moisturizer) they all work very well. The only downside is the price if you are buying them from one of the stands in your local mall. Amazon has the best price on them by far. The price I paid total was 152 dollars and change. That is very steep price $49 per item plus tax. The only saving grace I can see is the fact these products will last a few months even with regular use. In closing to my ramble, DSC is a well made product,just be sure to shop around for the best possible price.

  • Personne - Not much changes over the 2012 version

    I reviewed last year's model of Quickbooks for Mac. While I could have cut and pasted most of that review, I'll add a few new words. I should say just a little more about what I'm using it for. I started up a business less than a year ago and purchased Quickbooks on the advice of my accountant. It's fair to say that, while I'm learning, I'm still just finding my way through it. Quickbooks help isn't really much help--especially if you need to learn basic accounting principals. Plan on spending some more money to learn what you're doing.