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  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/about-you About You | Logistics for the Life Sciences - About You You are on a team responsible for packaging and logistics for pharmaceuticals, biologics or medical devices.  This site will help you with you with global regulatory updates, tips on good distribution practices, cold chain management and packaging materials and machinery. Roles and responsibilities include:
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/regulatory/adents-level-4-serialization-software Adents: Level 4 Serialization Software | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Adents, software developer for unique product identification (UPID) and track-and-trace solutions, along with Microsoft, have combined to jointly develop and commercialize a new Cloud platform named Adents Prodigi.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/regulatory/optel-medevon-launch-brings-track-trace-expertise-medical-device-industry Optel Medevon Launch Brings Track & Trace Expertise to the Medical Device Industry | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Optel Medevon, newest business unit of Optel Group and provider of automated inspection solutions for the medical device industry, announced its official launch today. The new operation provides medical device manufacturers and medical device packaging suppliers with automated inspection solutions to help them comply with emerging Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations that are being implemented throughout the world.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/regulatory/recipharms-serialization-showcase Recipharm’s Serialization Showcase | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Earlier in October, Recipharm launched a showcase line for serialization, giving companies an opportunity to see their solution to serialization firsthand. Demonstrations are held in Fontaine, France and include downloading serial numbers, serializing packages, and applying tamper-evident labels. The line also shows the manual tasks including labeling of boxes and pallets and uploading data.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/regulatory/emvos-centralized-approach-meeting-falsified-medicines-directive The EMVO’s Centralized Approach to Meeting the Falsified Medicines Directive | Logistics for the Life Sciences - The European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) is taking a balanced approach to translating the EU Falsified Medicines Directive into practice.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/future-industry-considerations-pda-europes-cold-supply-chain Future Industry Considerations From PDA Europe’s Cold & Supply Chain Logistics Event | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Each October, pharmaceutical experts, suppliers and end users come together to learn and share knowledge at the Parenteral Drug Association’s (PDA) Pharmaceutical Cold and Supply Chain Logistics Conference. Though regulations surrounding supply chain security can be difficult to navigate, Rafik Bishra, PhD, Co-Chair of the event, reminded attendees at the Oct. 11-12, 2016 event that, “Quality is an advantage. Quality is a privilege. Quality is not a cost.”
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/study-reveals-best-practices-timetemperature-sensitive-biologics Study Reveals Best Practices for Time/Temperature-Sensitive Biologics | Logistics for the Life Sciences - BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS) is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical-grade cell and tissue hypothermic storage and cryopreservation-freeze media and a related cloud-hosted biologistics cold chain management app for smart shippers.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/storopack-96-hour-temperature-controlled-system Storopack: 96-Hour Temperature-Controlled System | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Storopack, a specialist in protective packaging, is adding a 96-hour system solution to its product portfolio for temperature-controlled shipping. The new prequalified box maintains a temperature of between 2°C and 8°C in the shipping unit for around 96 hours, depending on the required temperature profile. As such, the protective packaging is suitable for international shipments, particularly for products in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/cardinal-health-earns-recognition-plant-based-phase-change Cardinal Health Earns Recognition for Plant-Based Phase-Change Materials | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Cardinal Health, Inc., a global integrated healthcare services and products company, was recognized by the Reusable Packaging Assn. (RPA) for its holistic, innovative approach to ensuring the safe, efficient, and sustainable delivery of refrigerated pharmaceuticals
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/temp-control-packaging/cold-chain-technologies-solid-phase-change-material Cold Chain Technologies: Solid Phase Change Material | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) launched what it refers to as the first solid phase change material (PCM) to maintain the integrity of drugs and vaccines during transport. In early use by market-leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, the new Koolit® Advanced PCM Gel provides uniform thermal payload protection in a flexible, break-resistant gel pack.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/gdps/sealed-air-opti-next-generation-shrink-films Sealed Air: Opti Next Generation Shrink Films | Logistics for the Life Sciences - In a major advance in the premium shrink film market, Sealed Air introduces Opti Next Generation Films from its authorized master distributor Millennium Packaging. The new film supplies up to 30% more footage in the same footprint and at the same price as competitive products, yielding key cost, material use and production advantages.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/gdps/cortec-desicorr-pouches-nw Cortec: Desicorr Pouches NW | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Moisture is dangerous to sensitive components. Its effects such as rust, mildew and mold can cause an overall decrease in product efficacy costing millions in returned or unusable products each year. Cortec’s new Desicorr® Pouches NW help prevent this damage by absorbing the moisture that builds up inside packaging. Desicorr is a specially designed desiccant pouch that comes in a windowed or windowless form.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/gdps/global-logistics-market-predicted-top-us15-trillion-2023 Global Logistics Market Predicted to Top US$15 Trillion by 2023 | Logistics for the Life Sciences - Technological innovation investment is fast-forwarding the logistics market. Automated material handling equipment, trailer seals, GPS, warehouse control software, warehouse management software, biometrics and RFID are different technologies that will help companies more proficiently run run their logistics services from now through 2024.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/gdps/clariant-plastiward-protection-plastic-medical-devices Clariant: PLASTIWARD Protection for Plastic Medical Devices | Logistics for the Life Sciences - SICPA SA, a provider of global security solutions, and Clariant, a global producer of specialty chemicals, joined forces to launch PLASTIWARD™, a robust integrated protection for plastic pharmaceutical packaging or medical devices. Today, chronic health conditions ranging from diabetes to asthma make use of portable plastic pharmaceutical packaging such as insulin pens or inhalators for targeted delivery of a treatment. Such medical devices enable millions of patients to lead active lives.
  • http://www.logisticsforthelifesciences.com/logistics/gdps/gdp-compliance-challenges-road-transportation GDP-Compliance Challenges in Road Transportation | Logistics for the Life Sciences - The road transportation supply chain is extremely complex, between APIs, manufacturing, central warehouses, distribution centers and customers. As Achim Bundschuh, Senior Advisor Pharma Logistics at QP Works, explained at PDA's 2016 Pharmaceutical Cold and Supply Chain Logistics Conference, there are many service providers and interfaces, which make logistics impossible to plan in the way that production steps are planned.

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  • babymagic1955 - The Gre test book

    I am just reading it and it say it will take three months to prepare for the GRE and I don't have that long so, don't know if this is going to help or not. It does give you plentiful information to prepare for the GRE.

  • Bonnie - I hate giving money to this unethical company

    I'm reluctantly giving 3 stars for the software itself. It's ok for bookkeeping. Unfortunately Intuit took over the small business accounting software market many years ago and Quickbooks is the only option

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    Thank you for writing this. It was very insightful. I learn alot from this. Can't wait for your next book!

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