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Home - Information pertaining to addictions counseling licensing certifications. This site also contains regulations and laws surrounding addictions counseling for the state of Louisiana.

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  • MrsDickens - Good basic guidelines for staying focused on debt control

    As always, Stacy is clear and concise in explanations. Good basic guidelines for staying focused on debt control.

  • T.C. - Works exactly how I need it to.

    I received this yesterday and the only purpose it has for me is to stream HD videos from my desktop over LAN. I was pleasantly surprised with everything about it so far.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome riding boots!!!

    Wonderful riding boots!! Customer service outstanding. Very good quality matched my son's other riding gear very well.

  • ravenrock - Ravenrock

    Hated the main character. She is lazy, doesn't shave her legs, has no moral compass when faced with a murder/hit and run. Frankly, I couldn't finish this book as Evelyn made me sick and I didn't care what happened to her. I enjoy characters who face challenges and grow, not those who are too stupid to care about and whose problems are mostly self-made.

  • Leia709 - Great on a lot of foods like salad, vegetables, and fish

    I love Pace and it's great I can buy it in bulk. I use it on a lot of things not just chips... like salad, steamed vegetables like corn, and fish fish (mostly tilapia). It's also not TOO spicy but not too mild. Pace makes a really great mango salsa, which works great on other fish like salmon, but they don't sell a bulk version and it's generally not as cheap as this one.