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  • Heather Lightsey - My results

    I'm on my 4th bottle of night cream and my 3rd bottle of day cream. I started using this because a friend of my daughter's was really bragging about it. She is the brand partner. I wasn't crazy about jumping into a pyramid scheme, but I did it because she was very sure about her results and others. The first bottle of night cream (one that she gave me) actually made my skin softer in appearance and my eyes seemed brighter/lifted. So I decided to try the free for life special they had going. This special was if you preorder the $80 night cream for 3 months you will receive their day cream free forever. That isn't true really. The first bottle of night cream that came in the mail was a darker color and didn't dry right. It was thicker and went on like putty which was different than my first experience. I couldn't get half way through with this bottle. My skin became red. My skin burned and in the morning I woke up with small welps as if it were burned skinned. I stopped using both creams (day/night) to see if my skin would improve. I had also at the same time experienced allergies (outdoor - mold/pollen) and had been taking allergy medicine. Thinking that the combination of the medicine and the cream was the problem after my allergies had subsided, I tried the cream again. No, this was a big mistake. It burned the first time I wiped it on. I have not used the product in 2 weeks. My skin isn't red anymore, but my under eye wrinkles have worsened and my skin is extremely dry and sensitive now. I called the brand partner that sold it to me and told her my issues and that I wanted to cancel. It took quite a while to get her attention (2 weeks of phone tag) but she finally stopped the automatic order but wants me to share my story with the company. She can't get anyone from the company to call her back. I have unused bottles that I've paid for that I can't use. I'm hoping they will reimburse me, but they have to call back and so far nothing. So much for the free for life..........This is my story...good luck

  • J. Kevin Donovan - Great product

    Definitely 5 stars, this is a great product, very well made. I have used this sail during a storm and got myself in a bad situation. I thought the mast or sail would have received damaged but the held up well. Yu will find yourself sailing more that pedaling or paddling.

  • Maurice McInally - Earth is a "Flat Plane" - believe it.

    Earth is a "Flat Plane". Anyone who takes the time to read the bible and pray will be able to say with me, that this is true, The Book is a real confirmation of the truth in the Holy Bible. All we have to do is open our eyes and take time to question NASA and the big bang and we'll see they are hiding the Truth, thanks to Mr Brett Salisbury.

  • J. White - Excellent For Estate Planning

    The Quicken Willmaker Plus 2015 software worked without problems on a Windows 8.1 system. Prior to testing I made sure the program was updated to the latest version. The software is very comprehensive and is designed to be used via a wizard like interface that walks the user through each step necessary to create a document. I found it really simple and easy to use.

  • Charlie - Confusing and Frustraiting

    I agree with Frozen Toes. I'm currently using this book for an intro computer course which is required before I can take PhotoShop. I have some practical experience with computers but nothing formal.

  • Mary Ann Byrd - Good Historical Yarn

    It is a fascinating piece of history. I looked up parts of the story to see how accurate it was and Terry Roberts did an excellent job of spinning a tale based on actual facts.