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  • surfrock66 - Very nice, but not for a beginner DIY enthusiast.

    This is such a better solution than replacing the countertops, but don't for a minute think this is like painting. We did it slowly, took our time, followed the directions some, improvised some, and in the end got something we were happy with...but it's not for the faint of heart.

  • kaimom - Great Organizer!

    I love this organizer. It fits my coffee, my camelbak water bottle, or any other container I use. It has a great closed pocket for money that no one sees so your money stays safe and two nice sized pockets for a key and a phone. The only thing I would change is to add a toggle to attach a pacifier or other leashed toy to.

  • Catina - Five Stars

    Very good and helps in an awesome way. Especially for those trying to steer away from traditional, western medicines.

  • AllieB - Great teen vitamins

    My 2 sons are taking these vitamins. One is 15 and the other is 12. Even though the 12 is not a teen, hormones are changing and I feel kids today need that extra boost for good reasons all the way around. My oldest thinks this vitamin might be helping with his acne that he has tried everything else prior to this. Great for health.

  • Mishuuu - Not for everyone...

    Aka, teens with hormonal acne. It seems the most prominent problem people report for these is the fact that the pills are so big. I will testify - they're huge - but I didn't have trouble swallowing them. Maybe I should have tried them for more than a month, but I saw no notable difference in my skin. :/

  • ignacio colin - Bought as a backup to my Surefires; now my Surefire torches are the backup.

    Delivered to me 5/26/2016. Took a chance as I EDC surefire lights and figured $45 for a possible SHTF light isn't bad in comparison to the $800 in surefire lights I already own. It has been my EDC since that day it arrived. It survived a 5 day stay in Vegas and survives driving in the freezers at Costco every night (2-4 hours a night in the freezer.) Love the torch so much, my surefire E2D Ultra is strictly a backup light to this one (only because of the ability to use the different lumen settings *hint hint, Surefire*. However, one of my batteries did fail, and I am still waiting on the replacement. Additionally, the pocket clip is useful, but moves way too much. They need to make it an affixed clip, akin to surefire's. I will be purchasing a few more once I have a solid 6-months of heavy testing with this light; so far so good. I'll update my review if I encounter any problems.

  • aflashyrhetoric - It's great when it works. Then it stops working. Either I have terrible luck, or Razer products are pretty shoddy.

    It was absolutely the best when it worked, then it didn't. Very quickly (within 5 months), the keyboard's backspace button just stopped working reliably. Only about every fourth keypress registers. If you Google around, there's plenty of people who've had problems with keys either not working, intermittently working, or spamming letters very quickly.