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Jack & Anita Mauldin breeder of south african boer goats. - jack and anita mauldin - breeders of South African boer goats. Covers goat health management, show and sale schedules, listing of goats for sale.

  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/doublej.html Our Farm - DoubleJ Boer Goat Farm. Breeders of South African boer meat goats.Describes farm management of our bucks,does and kids for show or sale.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/industry.html Industry - jack and anita mauldin - summary news and articles related to boer goats and meat goat industry.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/health.html Health - jack and anita mauldin - Approaches to better goat health and management techniques.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/other.html Goat Related Sites - A listing of websites that may be related to the goat industry. Includes 4H ffa show goats, feed, associations, breeding services, transportation, etc.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/contact_information.html Contact Us - Contact information and directions to our Boer goat farm. We raise Boer goats for breeding.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/classicherefords.html Classic Herefords - Our new farm focus is raising Classic Herefords and Red Baldies, which are a cross of Herefords and Red Angus.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/breeders.html Breeders Listing - jack and anita mauldin - Listing of boer goat or meat goat breeders with web sites related to breeding, showing or selling meat goats.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/quick_start.html Quick Start - A summary of important considerations for people considering to start raising boer goats.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/features.html Goat Features - Discusses the relationship of the boer goat anatomy, carcass, muscle, prices of different meat cuts.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/high_maintenance.html High Maint. - Discusses whether the boer goat breed animals are high maintenance or not and if so why. We identify the reasons the boer breed may be high maintenance and what actions we are taking to breed more hardy goats requiring less maintenance.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/monthly_management.html Monthly Maint. - Discusses our monthly management of our boer goat herd. It focuses on identifying animals that are more resistant to stomach worms and require less management.
  • http://www.jackmauldin.com/preventive_measures.html Preventive Measures - Discusses the preventive measures we take to keep our goats more healthy. This includes vaccines and management processes.

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