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  • Matt Stone - Good for all sorts of things!

    Honestly, everyone seems to like this one, and so far it has never hurt my fish. I sprinkle a little every time I add new water, it seems to make them feel better. Heck, I even add a few drops to my drinking water now. The sulfur tastes horrid but I know it must be doing good things for me. I can hardly taste it in juice.

  • Mrs. Willis - Not as good as dry shampoo

    If you have seen some of my other reviews, you're already aware that I suffer from alopecia and am looking for ways to disguise my scalp. Toppik is so expensive, and has a great reputation. So, I was excited to discover I was able to try a small 3g size before committing to a full bottle. Unfortunately, I'm not sold on the product, and am not sure I want to buy a larger size.

  • Amazon Customer - It works really well. Firstly it gives an accurate ...

    It works really well. Firstly it gives an accurate reading. Second it works fast and 3 you don't need to touch the person you're reading at all!

  • S.H. - Awesome for over-processed hair from bleaching

    After bleaching and bleaching and bleaching and processing my hair nonstop. This product is awesome. No it is not going to fix your hair 100%. It does however help a ton when you have over-processed your hair to the point where it is just a mess from bleaching and on lightening. It definitely helps. Recommend washing your hair only 2 to 3 times weekly, no more as shampooing your hair damage is it more. Use this product once a week or as it is directed, do not heat or blow dry your hair on a daily as it damages more, let it dry naturally. Your hair may not be in perfect shape but it will be so much better. When I used it one time I could not believe the difference.